WordPress eCommerce themes: 35 best themes you should look for to achieve success

WordPress eCommerce themes

We all love shopping, right? Especially among this COVID-19 pandemic, everyone wants to open an online store. Where can you open it? Simple, go for WordPress. To give you a brief insight, let’s refer to top 35 best WordPress eCommerce themes – the foundation of an appealing website.

But first, why WordPress? 

Why WordPress ?

Within hundreds of potential and promising CMS (customer management service) platforms, WordPress has always been the most popular and most used one. Released in 2003, WordPress now powers over 35% of all websites worldwide. As there are 400 million active websites, it is still an impressive figure. 

Some key features are:

  • Flexibility (online store to auction to membership, etc.)
  • No requirement of technical skills
  • Effective and affordable plugins and themes
  • Support from WordPress community
  • SEO-designed platform

To list all its benefits would take days! Without further ado, let’s check out some of the best WordPress themes and get inspired!

Top 35 impressive WordPress eCommerce themes

#1. Lusion

Lusion is a multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme for multiple businesses from Clothing, Furniture, Accessories to Food and Grocery,… As it was recently released in 2020, Lusion covers all the finest and most up-to-date features and functions.


Let’s check out its core features:

  • 15+ homepages and 9+ header layouts
  • Mobile-first Design: to optimize all 5 billion phone users
  • SEO optimization
  • One-click Demo Importer: integrate from page, post, slider, widget,..into one page only
  • Reasonable layouts with an aesthetic touch
  • Useful plugins to better shopping experience
  • Woo feature integration
  • Reliable Lusion Support
  • And so many more

With a special pricing offer of just $19 until October 2020 for all advanced features, why not purchasing Lusion now? For a fully described article, check out the link right here!

#2. Divi

WordPress eCommerce themes divi

Divi is another popular WordPress theme to see. Its best feature is its versatility and its exclusive Divi Builder. Not only does it look stunning, Divi offers layouts, homepages or portfolios ready on-hand.

#3. Jayla

WordPress eCommerce themes jayla

Jayla is a minimalist WordPress theme, which is super on-trend for 2020. It is suitable for selling physical products, digital downloads and services. What’s more, Jayla also offers lots of customization in multiple elements. If you are looking for a stylish, modern website look with flexibility and custom choices, then Jayla is perfect for you.

#4. Artemis

Artemis is one of the WordPress eCommerce themes tailor-made for professionalism. Big enterprises and corporations also opt for Artemis. Besides, it already has a classy and stylish appearance, with default WordPress packages and customization features. Especially the premium Visual Composer, or in other words, WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution are all pre-build in Artemis.

#5. Merchandiser

Merchandiser is powered by WooCommerce and designed in a simple and smooth way. Some powerful plugins set in Merchandiser are Customizer and Visual Composer. With a wide selection of Google Fonts and feature-rich navigation, Merchandise is now leading as a comprehensive theme with optimal design options.

#6. Metro

WordPress eCommerce themes metro

Metro is another minimalistic WordPress theme with useful eCommerce tools and templates. The best thing about Metro is that it comes with premium add-ons. To clarify, you can instantly add functionalities for free, including product swatches, extension, gallery and many more.

#7. TheGem

This WordPress theme covers multipurpose solutions and full design integration. However, image quality is what makes or breaks the website, right? Don’t be worried as TheGem has the best product photography. Other than that, it also displays products gracefully and neatly.

#8. Shopkeeper

WordPress eCommerce themes shopkeeper

Shopkeeper is also fully integrated with WPML plugins like some other WordPress themes. With 10+ layouts and homepages, Shopkeeper offers such promising deals for sellers. Furthermore, it is very functional and responsive to screen sizes. Not only as an online store, you can use Shopkeeper for managing inventory, creating product catalog or showing portfolios.

#9. Tonda

WordPress eCommerce themes tonda

This a perfect WordPress theme for high-end and upmarket products thanks to Tonda’s elegant and neutral design. Besides its aesthetic appearance, Tonda also provides powerful features via WooCommerce plugin and add-ons. Plus, its drop-down cart widget is another point that buyers love as it simplifies the shopping experience for clients.

#10. Shoptimizer

WordPress eCommerce themes shoptimizer

Shoptimizer’s best feature is that it does really well with low conversion rate. In other words, using this eCommerce theme can boost your e-sales via its own conversion-focused features: distraction-free checkout option, trust badges, call me back option, etc. What’s more, thanks to its mobile-first design, Shoptimizer offers a very wide approach to billions of smartphone users.

#11. Hongo

Hongo is a powerful WordPress theme for multiple uses. With a large library of eCommerce templates and functions, you will have a variety of choices for headers, layouts, pre-built content, and so on. Plus, within each industry, you can have different ultimate options customized for each website.

#12. Blance

WordPress eCommerce themes blance

This is another clean and minimal theme for WordPress. Although Blance may present rather few options to choose from, each one is very stylish and modernized. A thing to note down is that Blance is now executing product widgets and listing quick view mode, which has been on high demand these days.

#13. Neto

WordPress eCommerce themes neto

Neto theme already has tons of templates and features for you to customize. Besides a diversity of plugins, colors, settings, etc. Neto is very SEO-friendly. It is designed for high performance and speed.

#14. Konte

A minimal, impressive theme especially made for the fashion industry is Konte. Its design styles vary significantly throughout numerous demos. Kento’s best feature lies in its main demo. To clarify, it has the very popular tried-and-tested format that results in an interesting and one-of-a-kind layout.

#15. Eva

WordPress eCommerce themes eva

Eva is the perfect balance of function and appearance. It offers high-demand and quality functionalities, yet still brings the best of a smooth, high performance user experience. Moreover, there is no limit to any specific store types when using Eva.

#16. Aurum

WordPress eCommerce themes aurum

Aurum is the best choice if you want to display products. All of its demos, page layouts and header styles are easy to work with and customize via its plugins. With a minimalist, bright and clean look, Aurum is certainly a strong contender.

#17. Kalium

Kalium is more of a relaxed, laid-back eCommerce theme, which makes it very unique. There are numerous choices for gorgeous, simple and aesthetic design. For that reason, if you are looking for a creative, calming-vibe website, then don’t miss out Kalium.

#18. Marketo

Different from Kalium, Marketo offers a vibrant, energetic feel of a multipurpose website. It has such powerful plugins such as Elementor page to leverage its functions. If you are a retailer that sells many types of products, Marketo is the ideal option for both single and multi-vendor stores.

#19. Oxygen

WordPress eCommerce themes oxygen

Oxygen is also a visual-focused WordPress theme, but unlike any others, it focuses on space-font sizes. As a result, Oxygen offers the “widescreen” feel that really pops out. And because Oxygen’s look is rather too unique for some, consider what you are trying to sell to choose the theme.

#20. The Hanger

You must have guessed right from its name, this is another WordPress theme for fashion and clothing products. The Hanger takes just a little time to set up an e-store right away. The only downside is that The Hanger only offers 1 store demo. Yet, the possibilities are limitless as you can still change the color scheme and customized store appearance with pre-built premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

#21. Stockie

On the other hand, if you want to install a theme that comes with tons of selections and demos, Stockie is the one. It is truly a multipurpose theme that covers lots of product types and store designs. From creating a fashion store, to selling gadgets or promoting new items, Stockie has them all. Another strength is that it’s localization-ready. To put in another way, you can easily translate your store into multiple languages for global buyers.

#22. eLab

As the name suggests, eLab is a theme made for selling electronic products. eLab already offers the optimal design for different types of products from phones, watches to cameras and TVs. With appealing homepages and eye-catching templates, eLab also integrates lots of popular Woo extensions to better performance.

#23. Cerato

Cerato comes with 31+ demos for you to choose from. This is one of the multipurpose WordPress eCommerce themes that includes a $170 plugin premium package. Cerato theme really stands out with its pixel perfect demos. 

#24. Flatsome

Flatsome provides a hassle-free user experience, which means smooth and high-speed. Its exclusive plugins are not many but you can always extend them with your own preference.

#25. Claue

Claue offers minimalist, on-trend options, which suits the best for fashion and clothing stores. Product bundles, as well as other common components are easily created with Claue. Moreover, its integration with Social Logins and Social Media is very highly requested.

#26. Atelier

This eCommerce theme offers a high-end look, mainly for creating and displaying services and products. In addition to different layouts, demos, pages,.. Atelier supports a large number of plugins:

  • Yoast SEO
  • BuddyPress
  • Visual Composer
  • Gravity Forms
  • Revolution Slider
  • Go Responsive Pricing Tables
  • And many more

#27. North

Similar to Atelier, North offers a wide range of plugins that are optimized for showing products and services. It is easy to use and install this well-designed, professional and modern blogs or online store with North.

#28. Walker

Walker WordPress theme is a great choice for a bold, trendy and cool design. If you are looking for a youthful, energetic look for your website then Walker is another promising option.

#29. Depot

Because Depot already provides demo content, it takes no time to set up a store and start making profit. This is great for newcomers or those want to play it safe. If you want to customize, there are plenty of widgets, codes and many other tools to choose from.

#30. Basel

With 10 different storefront demo layouts, multiple ways of displaying product collections and mini landing pages,.. Basel is a strong contender for a stylish eCommerce WordPress theme with exceptional functionality.

#31. The Retailer

The Retailer is another popular and powerful eCommerce theme. With stunning design and out-of-the-box animations, you have plenty of selections to test. Furthermore, Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins will give you a free lifetime support, demo content, documentation and video walk-throughs.

#32. Hugo

Hugo’s strength is on its ways of selling products, not customizing them. For anyone that just wants to sell fast without much consideration on visual appearance, Hugo is the best WordPress theme for you.  

#33. Savoy

For classy, high-end websites, Savoy is the one you are looking for. Customizations options are endless to achieve the best look for your site. 

#34. Nitro

Nitro is a true multipurpose Woo theme. It offers numerous clean, simple and product-focused theme templates for electronics, fashion, furniture, sports, and many more. Thanks to its built-in features such as live search, out-of-stock alerts, promos, wish lists,… it is a perfect theme if you want to sell different products online.

#35. Halena

Lastly, Halena is a modern, impressive eCommerce theme for WordPress. Designed in a minimalistic way, Halena still offers a powerful touch of outstanding features and components, especially pre-built layouts. 

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Final Words

That is the end of today’s topic. ArrowHiTech hopes that you have chosen at least 1 ideal WordPress eCommerce themes for your existing or future website. If you want to read more, don’t hesitate to visit our WordPress articles! Finally, as always, we wish you the best of good luck and success!

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