WordPress website: Top effective ways of customizing it to make the best of your sites!


Needless to say, everyone knows that WordPress is the most popular website for blogs and stores. Moreover, do you know that over 500 new sites are made daily on WordPress? With more than 3,3 million active websites using WooCommerce, you need to step up your game so that your WordPress website can attract as many buyers as possible.

Because of Covid-19, online business is blooming. As a result, every competitor will do their best to upgrade their stores in different ways. However, it is no easy task since there are many aspects to consider. If you don’t know where to start, we are here to help! As experts in the outsourcing field, our team from ArrowHitech is glad to deliver some of  the most simple but effective ways to empower your WordPress website.

Why WordPress website?

Like what we have mentioned, the majority of entrepreneurs would certainly choose WordPress with WooCommerce plugin for their online shop. Why?Because WooCommerce is free, easy to use and quick to adjust. If you want to go into further details about WooCommerce’s benefit, click here to see another helpful article from us. Otherwise if you have made up your mind, but don’t know how to install WooCommerce, we also dedicate this article to help you out!

Now that you’ve seen the superb advantage of WooCommerce, let’s move on to some of the best features that you can adjust on your WordPress website!

TOP Simple and Effective ways to empower your WordPress website

We have broken down into 6 main categories: Design, Admin, Page content, Menu, SEO and Post.

Design: First approach to clients

#1. Themes

A modern, simple and clean theme will surely attract lots of potential buyers. However, as WooCommerce offers more than 10,000 themes for you to choose from, you may find it difficult to determine which one. We suggest these 4 criteria: fast-loading time, easy adjustment, mobile-friendly and objective design. What is more, you should test them out first to see if it works the best for your sites or not.

Wordpress website ecommerce
Lusion – popular modern WordPress theme from ArrowHitech

#2. Font

Change your font to match with the style of your shop. For example, a strict, plain type of letter can never go with shops that sell items for kids. In contrast, a bubbly, light and decorated font should never be applied in political bookstores or vest outlet shops.

wordpress website
Different fonts for different purposes

#3. Colors

Similar to font, colors help enhance the image of your brand. Find the best combination to optimize the user’s view. After all, an appealing site will certainly attract more buyers.

FoodFarm – best-selling WordPress theme from ArrowHitech

#4. Favicon

Favicon is not an unusual term, in fact, it is your brand’s logo. In other words, Favicon is a small icon on your tab bar like so. Hence, it makes clients remember your brand better and longer. If you want to know how, WordPress official website also shows how to create and install it right here.

Favicon on search tab

WordPress Admin: Control the WordPress website

#5. Name and image

Don’t just put your name and image by default. It makes customers feel like they are reading from an emotionless, unknown machine. Change your name and feature image! 

Build an outstanding profile!

#6. Author box

This is where you can give a short introduction about yourself. Show off your experience and highlight your strength! As a result, it will impress clients and build their trust in your store.

#7. About us

Add an ‘about us’ widget allows you to deliver your message to clients. They would love to see who you are and what you can do in order to buy items from your sites. This is a simple yet useful way to market your products without overdoing it.

Page Content: Where to market products on your website

#8. Home Page

Home Page is no doubt one of the most important factors because it can determine if buyers want your products or not. Therefore, you need to have a well-organized and convenient page to optimize your WordPress website. 

Franco – elegant WordPress theme from ArrowHitech

Because of its value, a custom-made page is the best option. It will show your uniqueness, creativity yet still attractive. For this reason, we truly recommend hiring professionals. Contact ArrowHitech and we will deliver the best output customized for you.

#9. Login page

Another crucial element is your login page. Make it simple, modern, make it unique but remember: never make it complicated because it will slow down the browsing process. In the end, a complex login site may reduce the number of customers and decline revenues.

#10. 404 page

If there occur an 404 page in your WordPress website, you can turn a non-ideal situation into benefits after reading one of our article about Broken Links

Customize the footer to maximize your websites’ information. Most of the brands include the company name, the current year, and a copyright icon. Some certificated companies also include their security qualification as well.


Menu: Control the product selection

#12. Infinite Scroll

Infinite Scroll plugin will make clients stay longer at your page. They no longer need to click page 2, page 3,.. It automatically scrolls down the posts.

#13. Bread Crumb Trail

Bread Crumb Trail example (Adidas)

Web users will not have to proceed backwards, they just need to click on a bigger category to see more results

Post: Upload items on WordPress website

#14. Feature Image

Even if it’s a blog or a product, feature image or thumbnail must be the same when you click into it. It will create consistency and connection.

The feature image always go first!

#15. Product Image

We also have a use article about the best ways to optimize Product Image. In short, keep the background simple and high pixel product photos to provide the ultimate images.

#16. Excerpt and Description

Write a custom excerpt to fully describe every item. It may take you some time, but clients come first, right? Overall, it is another helpful way to display and advertise your goods.

It is super easy to find on WordPress

SEO: Get your WordPress website rank high on search engines

#17. Social icons


Fewer words, more actions. Everybody knows these social media sites so you don’t need to write anything about it. Social icon is a suitable way to expand the range of your brand.

#18. Social sharing buttons

In every post of your WordPress website, sharing buttons must be included. Do not waste such a golden opportunity to spread your post online!

If you have any further issues or you want to have customized tools, you can easily contact ArrowHitech 24/7 service and we will present you the best possible outcome!

Why ArrowHitech?

ArrowHitech – a leading IT outsourcing company in Vietnam
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In short

We have presented lots of easy and simple ways to empower your WordPress websites. ArrowHitech truly wishes the best of luck to you and your future successful business! For more information: