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Digital Customer Experience Design

Something in the first meeting can fade, but the first impression will be unforgettable. Let your customer keep in mind the enchanting design of your present online every time they see it with our assistance.



A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You only can come along with your customers on this journey if you shine enough in the crowd. Aligning all parts of your business around the same objective of developing a consistent and engaging CX is crucial for digital success.We are experts in breaking departmental silos and creating processes that enable everyone to work together. With our tried and true methodology and best practices, our solution can be customizable to each new use case. We have assisted hundreds of e-commerce enterprises in developing and optimizing their CX. Our roadmaps and action plans are ready to save you time spent getting laser-focused on the right things in the correct order.‍Coming with us, you will have the opportunity to access a pool of experienced designers. And then, you can revamp your brand with a new look.

Our CX Roadmap

Customer experience rating
Before improving the user experience, you must determine what is and is not working. To assist you in evaluating the state of your CX and how to ensure that it engages audiences, we fully immerse ourselves in your brand.

Industry benchmarks
We give you benchmark data for your segment based on our expertise in working with hundreds of eCommerce businesses of all sizes across all industries in the B2C, B2B, and D2C sectors. It will help you set the proper targets for your CX and your business as a whole.

Qualitative Customer insights
Ask your customers to understand better how clients experience your brand. We provide in-person and online 1:1 interviews-based qualitative customer insights. Then we assist you in developing a proactive plan based on the outcomes.

Quantitative customer insights
You may better understand how you evaluate your CX at scale with quantitative data. Digital surveys, emails, chatbots, and NPS scores influence the overall CX. We assist you in developing procedures and carrying out surveys in a way that strengthens your brand. You will use the outcomes to enhance your brand with our assistance.


A thorough understanding of the customer journey and how it looks to your customers is necessary for customer experience optimization. At AHT Tech, we give our clients a chance to assess and evaluate their online customer service by offering a statistical score. Using this score, we can determine the current state of digital commerce in an impartial and controlled way. 

Our CX rating will show you what needs to be improved and how to get higher conversion rates and greater customer loyalty. Create a shared vision of the relationship you are building with your customers by outlining your CX goals for your organization.

Key Strenghts

- Personalized services to cater to individual customer needs
- Relevant and timely advice that adds value to the customer-brand relationship
- Orchestration of service delivery across multiple channels

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We’re here to help you innovate with success. Our experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business model and industry to advise on implementing the most optimal technology solutions.