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Understanding your data is crucial for successful e-commerce.  Collect and analyze data, evaluate opportunities, and visualize your progress to recognize the outstanding business value of technology


Today, businesses have greater access to data than ever before. It is quite difficult to manage, clean, interpret, and analyze.  You can better understand your clients, business, and available chances by analyzing your data. It will assist you in making proactive rather than reactive strategic decisions, allowing you to make well-informed predictions and plans.

All parts of an online business along the customer journey can benefit from e-commerce analytics. Most online retailers are good at monitoring conversion rates and average order values. However, to maintain long-term development, it's also important to comprehend client lifetime value as well as when and why churn happens.

The process of gathering and evaluating data that affects your online business is known as ecommerce analytics. Data is collected at the touchpoint and throughout the whole client experience.Understanding customer behavior, industry trends, and market movements can help you make data-driven decisions to boost sales.


Metrics such as search, reach, impressions, and engagement are part of this stage.


Here is where you track visits and calculate acquisition costs.


Metrics like conversion rates, cart abandonment, and average order value are included in this.


This is where you keep track of metrics like churn rate, average purchase value, and client lifetime value.

Solve your challenges with agility, innovations, and practical IT solutions to power up your digital excellence and explore your prospective business

We can assist you with assessing opportunities, recognizing the outstanding business value of technology, and implementing your strategic business plans to change your organization. Most e-commerce businesses face similar problems. The three most common ones are a lack of relevant experience and skills, difficulties creating data models and setting appropriate tracking, and data overload, or not understanding what data to gather and how to evaluate it. Let's take a look at these three areas in more detail and see how we can help:


It's very hard to remain on top of trends if you're a generalist marketer or just have a lot of different marketing goals on your plate.

We are industry leaders in ecommerce analytics and can help you with more than 15 years of expertise. We will help you with both strategic planning and practical implementation.


Uncertainty about what to measure or how to track it is one of the most common problems for e-commerce companies. Even if you do know, you might not have the time or resources necessary to create the right procedures for tracking, reporting, and analyzing for creating your data models.

At AHT Tech, we are experts in all ecommerce analytics-related. We are delighted to assist, whether you want initial guidance to learn how to manage monitoring and analytics on your own or choose a fully done-for-you solution


AI-based Ecommerce Analytics

AI in ecommerce analytics may be used in a variety of ways. On e-commerce websites, AI may be utilized to enhance customization, create intelligent recommendation systems, and improve search functionality. Other use cases include auto-generated product descriptions, photo recognition, and automated image tagging. AI  may also be applied to testing procedures to increase their effectiveness, such as in conversion rate optimization programs.

Generating Actionable Insights from Data

To eliminate blind spots and help you make the best business decisions, the conversion of raw data into actionable insight requires the integration and analysis of data from the data sources in your company. We have deep knowledge of all the various ecommerce platforms and technologies available. We can help you optimize your existing tech stack and assess any gaps that must be filled.

Omnichannel Ecommerce Analytics

Utilizing data from all of your channels and data sources to improve your omnichannel customer experience is known as omnichannel analytics. Transparent technology and a transparent analytics environment are necessary for omnichannel analytics. When implemented successfully, it will enable your team to use marketing, targeting, and merchandising more strategically.

Smart Ecommerce and Predictive Analytics

The more information you collect and the more proficient you get at comprehending it, the more accurate forecasts you will be able to make. With the help of predictive analytics, you can better understand what your website visitors are looking for so that you can display it to them as soon as possible.


Businesses have never had access to more data, but the sheer amount itself presents a challenge. Many companies end up not seeing the forest for all the trees, and struggle to understand what data points actually matter, and what is just adding unnecessary noise.

Gathering, cleaning, management, processing, interpreting, and reporting on ecommerce data requires in-depth knowledge and solid processes. To get the most out of your data, you need a unified and integrated approach. This will give you a complete overview of how your business is currently doing, and where there is room for improvement and growth potential.

We help our customers collect and leverage the right data, and establish the ways of working that are required for a sustainable ecommerce business.

what we deliver


By merging and combining data from different sources, tools, and platforms, business intelligence will provide you with high-level overviews of all your data – in one place. This enables you to track and understand your numbers in real-time, spot trends early and make more accurate forecasts ahead for the future. These are all crucial capabilities for gaining a competitive edge. Business Intelligence provides you with real-time data at your fingertips in the format that you prefer. Implementing a BI platform will turn tracking and pursuing your KPIs a joy rather than a tedious chore.

Business Intelligence will enable you to track, report, and visualize all aspects of your business:


This type of analysis allows you to assess how your growth affects customer behavior, from conversion rate optimization to customer loyalty.


Tracking, analyzing, and minimizing your churn is a vital step in building a sustainable ecommerce business. Churn analysis will enable you to be proactive in reducing churn and lowering your churn rate by acting on customer feedback and behavioral analytics.


By monitoring things like stock levels, cash flow, and sales velocity, you’ll be able to increase the efficiency within your organization. BI empowers you to improve your organizational efficiency and improve your overall productivity.


The insights from your BI system allow you to improve personalization and create highly targeted email lists based on attributes such as historical purchase behavior and customer lifetime value.


A BI system will help you calculate your revenue consistently and with precision across the board. It becomes a single source of truth that makes sure all stakeholders have access to the same and the relevant revenue metrics at all times.


Your Business Intelligence platform will enable you to pinpoint profitable campaigns and channels by calculating the ROI on each of them, based on metrics like customer acquisition cost and customer lifetime value.

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We’re here to help you innovate with success. Our experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business model and industry to advise on implementing the most optimal technology solutions.