Ecommerce Security: What Is It And Useful Solutions For Your Ecommerce Stores?

Why is Ecommerce security a matter of concern for many businesses? In this article, we will point out some of the problems that are threatening network security as well as some solutions to this problem.

What Is Ecommerce Security?

ecommerce security

Ecommerce security is the guidelines that ensure safe transactions through the internet. It includes ways to protect those involved in the sale and purchase of goods and services online. You need to gain the trust of your customers by providing basic security for eCommerce.

Five major ecommerce security threats

Payment frauds

Payment fraud is also an issue of e-commerce security. Therefore, this is the way that hackers take advantage of the error of the payment system to perform virtual transactions. This leads to huge losses for ecommerce businesses..

payment frauds is the matter of ecommerce security

For example, e-wallet X launched a program to donate money to new users’ accounts. If application X has loopholes in verifying new registered accounts, the hacker will most likely create multiple accounts to get a lot of money.



Email marketing is an effective sales promotion channel. However, it is also a channel for hackers to perform SPAM acts.
You may not know it, but comments on your blog or contact form are also an invitation to hackers. Hackers leave infected links to harm you. Next, they will send those links through their social media inboxes. Then, they wait for you to click on such messages. Moreover, spam not only effects your ecommerce security but also damages your website speed.



This is the common ecommerce security. With this form, hackers often impersonate businesses or reputable units to trick users with important information. The information that hackers want to steal can be: bank card passwords, bank account numbers, …
To achieve this, they create a fake website. The site will be almost identical to the original. This will cause confusion for users and they will enter important information here. There are many phishing techniques, but the most common are usually: sending fake emails or fake messages. And as soon as the user clicks on those notifications, the information that the user provides is stolen.

Trojan Horse – Ecommerce security

Trojan Horse program

A Trojan Horse or Trojan is a type of malware that is disguised as harmless software. Hackers use Trojans to try to gain access to users’ systems. Users are often tricked by some form of social engineering into downloading and executing Trojans on their systems.

DDoS Attacks


DDoS – Distributed Denial of Service is an ecommerce security with the aim of stopping the website’s activities and making users unable to access the website. This virus not only cause great damage to the website but also make user access to the website difficult. More dangerous, this virus can make your computer infected or controlled remotely by hackers.

7 Ecommerce security solutions

Enhanced security for payment gateways

Payment gateways are an attractive target for hackers. As it contains transaction information of users and ecommerce websites. Especially is credit card information. For secure gateway payment, businesses need to comply with at least the following standards:

  • PCI DSS security standard
  • OTP password
  • MD5 128-bit encryption
  • Do not store user’s card information
enhanced ecommerce security for payment gateways

Creating a payment gateway yourself has a lot of capacity, money, legal risks. So, most ecommerce businesses are associated with a 3rd party payment partner. Then, you need to choose reputable payment gateways signal, with the channel bar suitable for customers.

  • International payment partners: PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout,…
  • Domestic payment partners in Vietnam: VNPAY, NAPAS, ONEPAY,…
  • Use anti-virus software             

Hackers can use stolen credit card information to place orders from anywhere in the world. An antivirus or an anti-fraud software can help you with this serious ecommerce issue. They use sophisticated algorithms to flag any malicious transactions to help you can take further action. They provide a fraud risk score. These can help proprietors determine if a certain transaction is legitimate.

Use firewalls

use firewall to enhanced ecommerce security

One of the effective ways to secure an e-commerce website is to use a Firewall. The software will help to stream traffic and remove malicious traffic from entering the website.
Thanks to that, we will minimize the risk of being attacked by DDoS. Firewalls are also effective against SQL injection and XSS. One of the popular firewalls is Cloudflare Firewall, Amazon’s AWS WAF,…

Employ Multi-Layer Ecommerce Security

You can strengthen your security by using different layers of security. You can use the Widespread Content Delivery Network or CDN to protect your website from DDoS attacks and bad traffic. They do so by using machine learning to filter out malicious traffic from regular traffic.

You can also use two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security. Two-factor authorization requires a standard username and password combination as well as an additional code sent as an email to the user or as an SMS to their provided phone number. This ensures that only users can access the service even if their username and password are at risk.

Use Ecommerce Security Plugins

Security plugins are a simple way to enforce security protection on your website. They protect against bad bots, SQLi, XSS, and hundreds of other severe attacks. One of the securest, easy to implement, feature rich security plugin is Astra. It helps automatically secure your site and virtually patch software by preventing malicious requests from ever reaching your website.

Backup Your Data

Data backup

Data loss due to hardware malfunction or network attack is not uncommon. Data backup is a simple but effective solution. It helps to combat attacks or security risks for ecommerce.

Use an automatic backup service so that even if you forget to do it manually, all of your data will be backed up automatically. Whenever your site has a problem that cannot be resolved with normal response measures, you can restore a backup to resume operations serving users.

Choose A Reputable Ecommerce Platform

It is important that you choose an ecommerce platform that is comprehensive, regularly updated, and offers top-notch security. Moreover, reputable ecommerce platforms will care more about security. They often release timely security patches to fix Zero-day vulnerabilities. It helps a lot in ecommerce security.

There are some popular platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify.

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Secure Your Servers and Admin Panels

Most eCommerce platforms come with default passwords that are ridiculously easy to guess. And if you don’t change them you are exposing yourself to preventable hacks. Use complex password(s) and usernames and change them frequently.

You can go one step further and make the panel notify you every time an unknown IP attempts to log in. All in all, these simple steps can significantly improve your web store’s security.