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liferay solutions

The ideal solutions for serving cross-border clients all over the world


AHT Tech is liferay's CERTIFIED  Partner

With years of experience working on Liferay projects across a variety of industry sectors, our technical teams are experts in how to use Liferay to produce business results.

We have extended our team to meet the growing demand for our services and to offer a more flexible and scalable approach to clients.

One Platform. ALL-INCLUSIVE Solution

Offer a customized solution for your challenges on a scalable, integrated digital experience platform.

Digital Experience Platform

With the help of Liferay, we provide our clients with specialized solutions delivered on a versatile, integrated Digital Experience Platform. Liferay is a platform that improves user experiences while also effortlessly integrating with both legacy and third-party applications.

• Open API – Integrates with legacy and new technology

• Intranets, extranets, customer portals, and B2B e-commerce

•Solutions across industries, including finance/banking, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, energy/oil and gas, education, and government

B2B Commerce Experiences

The rich content and experience management needed to create excellent digital commerce sites are absent in traditional B2B commerce platforms. The B2B seller-focused Liferay Commerce platform can reduce the requirement for bespoke development, shorten time-to-market, and pave the way for a future-proof solution for your digital commerce strategy.

• Use exquisitely crafted experiences to highlight your product offerings.

• Display discounts, B2B price models, and customer-specific catalogs

• Managing orders effectively with views for shipments, assignments, and transaction history.

Analytics Cloud

Use analytics to improve your digital marketing by combining and visualizing consumer profile data and marketing asset performance to gain deeper insights. Businesses can offer the right content to the right audience with the aid of Liferay Analytics Cloud.

• Native analytics platform that uses cutting-edge algorithms to extract more profound insights into audience preferences for more precisely tailored experiences.

• Create segments and visualize data across touchpoints, down to the asset level, to discover which elements truly impact audience behavior.

• Combine the company's profile, activity, and interaction data into a single customer perspective.

DXP Cloud

Launch your website with a safe, dependable PaaS solution that offers autoscaling, development tools, environments, monitoring, and much more, all created with seasoned Liferay knowledge.

• Merely managing the infrastructure, saving IT resources

• Use business tools to shorten the time to market

• Utilize Liferay specialists and best practices to deliver with assurance.

our experties

Help you maximize the potential of your Liferay DXP platform with user-centric design, industry expertise, and development excellence.

Retail Operations Solution

It is a complete operating system for a retail sector. This hybrid solution includes a standard set of operation features on a foundational platform for customization and accelerated digital transformation.

Application Development

Innovation must be at the core of your applications if you want to be the disruptor. We assist you in transforming creative ideas into platform-enabled transformations for now and the future through design, development, and management.

DXP Upgrade

Our professionals will quickly deliver your solution on the most recent version of Liferay DXP using a careful approach and expertise of both your existing solution and the new platform.

Liferay Consulting

With hundreds of Liferay programs across industries, we contribute insights and skills to match strategic and technical decisions to enable long-term solution success.

Application Management Outsourcing

Adding experts to your team will enable you to service your solution and ensure repeatable results at scale, freeing up resources for business goals without compromising system performance.

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We’re here to help you innovate with success. Our experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business model and industry to advise on implementing the most optimal technology solutions.