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Best Practices for Promoting and Growing Your BigCommerce Development Store in the Malaysian Ecommerce Market

Are you looking for an eCommerce site that can enlarge and develop alongside your Malaysian company? Take a look at BigCommerce! This robust eCommerce platform could provide the best features and functions required to build a top-notch online site to compete with any other eCommerces. This article would uncover key features, e-commerce development procedures, and promotion and growth’ best practices for the development of BigCommerce among Malaysian companies. 

Understanding the Malaysian eCommerce market

Let’s begin with seeing through the market of Malaysian eCommerce. In recent studies, it is indicated that Malaysia’s eCommerce sector is the fastest growing globally, with a predicted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.5% between 2021 and 2025. 

There are some of the most well-known eCommerce platforms in Malaysia such as Shopee, Lazada, and Zalora, however, new companies still may find potential, especially the ones with outstanding goods and services.  

BigCommerce states right here. Many features and functions are available on this platform to help Malaysian companies stand out from competitors.

For instance, numerous design templates are optimized for BigCommerce mobile format, which is considered a significant highlight to go beyond more than half of all Malaysian eCommerce platforms with the same format.

Furthermore, BigCommerce also collaborates with regional payment processors such as Razer Merchant Services and iPay88. This helps Malaysian companies to get client purchases in an easier way.

Critical features of BigCommerce for developing eCommerce stores

After having a brief understanding of the Malaysian eCommerce business’s fundamentals, let’s investigate more on several crucial BigCommerce features of creating an online store.

When creating an online site for an enterprise, your decision on which platform is going to be used could have a huge impact.

BigCommerce is a renowned eCommerce platform that enables all sizes of companies to access many features and functions in creating effective online stores.

Below are some characteristics to be considered making BigCommerce to be the great choice among online businesses.

Responsive design templates

BigCommerce provides many mobile-responsive selections. Companies could build their polished online stores easily and efficiently with editable design templates.

Whether your clients are using a desktop computer to surf the net, themes such as iPad or smartphone are further adaptable and adjustable to any device size.

Mobile Commerce is gaining more popularity among Malaysia and this is a significant point to consider.

Integration with local payment gateways

With the collaboration with various regional payment gateways such as iPay88, MOLPay and eGHL, Malaysian companies find it easy to make a purchase online through BigCommerce. Without any costly integrations or extra fees, you can now offer your clients many payment selections such as credit cards, iBanking and e-wallets.

Advanced SEO and analytics tools

The first stage is to create an internet store. If you want to succeed, the ability to increase website traffic and track your progress is significantly necessary.

BigCommerce offers various cutting-edge analysis and SEO tools to easily optimize your website for search engines and progress monitoring over the time.

This includes features such as keyword research, URLs personalization, and built-in analytics that lead directly to your website’s success and data-driven marketing plan decisions.

Malaysian businesses may create their eCommerce stores to expand and succeed by applying these main elements. BigCommerce offers you many features and functions to be successful in the nation eCommerce sector, whether you are just at the first step of increasing online presence for your business.

Steps to develop a BigCommerce store for Malaysian customers

BigCommerce is highly recommended for your Malaysian company, especially ìf your company is looking for a savior to create an online store and have a status in a competitive market. There are several steps for you to create a store with BigCommerce to attract Malaysian clients:

Step 1: Choose the Right Plan

Before creating your store, the priority step you need to consider is choosing the proper BigCommerce plan that would best suit your objectives and finance. From Basic to Pro to Enterprise, BigCommerce offers various projects with each including distinctive and unique features and costs.

In case you need any help to make the best decision, take a look at your variables such as item quantity, required assistance degree, and your spending plan per month. 

Step 2: Customize Your Store Design

The next stage is to customize your store after choosing the proper plan. BigCommerce enables you to create a fantastic store easier and flexible in format usage, thanks to its convenience of design templates optimized for mobile devices. 

If you want a distinctive appearance to outstand your store and make it a good image of your company, some elements such as logo, color and fonts are available to customize.

Step 3: Optimize Your Store for Malaysian Customers

Your store must be adaptable with features and functions that are applicable to the local market if you want to make sure that Malaysian clients would be optimized.

For instance, to attract local customers, incorporation with regional payment processors like Maybank2u or CIMB Clicks is a good idea. Moreover, you can also make the Malaysian Ringgit your store's currency, and have translations of Bahasa Malaysia of your store's content.

Step 4: Implement SEO and Analytics

If you want to make sure that your store is appealing to Malaysian customers have good performance in search results, SEO and analytics technologies are necessary to install.

In terms of built-in SEO capabilities, BigCommerce offers meta tags, canonical URLs, and sitemaps to help you optimize your search engines’ store.

In order to monitor the success and make informed decisions, you may find incorporation with Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel a good idea. 

Step 5: Promote Your Store

The last step you have to do is advertising your grand shop to Malaysian customers. To get traffic increased for your business, you may need to apply a number of strategies such as influencer marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

In order to select the proper advertising plan for your company, you may need to take your target market and spending limit into consideration.

By leveraging the given techniques among the list above, your BigCommerce store may be more successful and noticeable to Malaysian clients.

Promoting and Growing Your BigCommerce Store in Malaysia: Best Practices

The first stage in the path of succeeding in the Malaysian eCommerce sector is to create a BigCommerce shop. If you want to outstand your online store to clients, you need to draw a sound marketing and expansion plan. There are best practices to adhere among what are listed below: 

1. Optimize your store for SEO

To bring more customers to your shop, search engine optimization (SEO) is critically significant. To increase your store’s search engines on Google, pertinent keywords in product descriptions, titles, and metadata are necessary. In order to maximize the potential of your store, you may also need BigCommerce’s built-in SEO tools.

2. Leverage social media

In Malaysia, social media plays an important role in business marketing and customer relationships. Taking advantage of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can enable you to update product information. In order to enlarge group of audience, social media advertisements should be considered.

3. Offer local payment options.

If you want to serve customer demands properly, you could introduce your Malaysian  clients to common payment methods. This means that several payment processors like Billplz, MOLPay, and iPay88 are applied. Offering Malaysian clients various choices will bring benefits to your store.

4. Provide excellent customer service.

A significant differentiation in the eCommerce industry is the client service. Throughout the purchase process, quickly respond to customer questions and offer valuable assistance. To give in-the-moment service, take a look at a chatbot or live chat tool.

5. Invest in marketing campaigns.

To gain more business’s engagement, take a look at initiatives investment in influencer marketing such as Google Ads and email marketing. By concentrating on the market and performing your goods properly, you may have a chance to raise your store’s exposure and boost sales.


BigCommerce is a potential eCommerce platform that enables Malaysian companies to create their own online shops with various features and functions. This store is optimized for business growth and success by taking advantage of the platform's core features such as responsive design templates, local payment methods connection, and comprehensive SEO and analytics tools. 

Malaysian companies would succeed in their BigCommerce business if they apply the proper advertising and growth strategies. BigCommerce offers the necessary things to step into the Malaysian eCommerce industry. This does not matter whether you are a small new business or a start-up that lacks an online presence.

Thus why are you still waiting? Why don’t you unlock the potential of Malaysian eCommerce platforms by creating your BigCommerce store immediately? Contact us right now to realize your desire!