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Unlocking E-commerce Success: Maximizing Potential with BigCommerce Email Integration

Nowadays, in this dynamic e-commerce context, it is crucial to establish efficient communication strategies and media channels to engage more customers. This would lead directly to the success of business. Among various tools, email marketing integration is considered to be the powerful one. In this article, strengths and strategies of assimilating email marketing with BigCommerce, a popular e-commerce platform, will be discussed. By analyzing this integration, valuable insights of your business operations will be uncovered, from that your presence on the network will be potentially maximized. So, let’s join this journey and explore the powerful transformation of BigCommerce email integration.

Understanding BigCommerce Email Integration

As the e-commerce industry grows, it is critical for businesses to consider efficient communication tactics and customer approach for the purpose of seeking sustainable growth. Integrating email marketing collaborating with e-commerce platforms has become a powerful function among the many marketing strategies. 

Let’s look at a better comprend of BigCommerce email integration, pointing out its target and exemplifying how customer communication and engagement could be enhanced.

The Significance of Email Integration in E-commerce

In the fierce competitive e-commerce scenario, keeping touch with customers is significant to build long-term rapport and encourage improvement. 

Email marketing has been justified to be a cost-effective and economical method of reaching more customers, offering personalized content, hawking goods or services, and encouraging client loyalty. 

BigCommerce email marketing integration gives businesses the ability to advantage the platform's potential features and customer database to advance their email campaigns.

Defining BigCommerce Email Integration

BigCommerce email integration refers to the seamless synchronization between a BigCommerce store and an email marketing platform, allowing data exchange, automated workflows, and targeted email campaigns. 

This integration enables businesses to leverage the customer data captured within BigCommerce, such as purchase history, browsing behavior, and customer segmentation, to create personalized and relevant email marketing campaigns.

Enhancing Customer Communication with Email Integration

Businesses can connect with their customers directly through a line of communication built by integrating email marketing with BigCommerce. 

‍This integration enables them to deliver specific, customized emails that link with customers' preferences and interests. 

Businesses can divide their customer base and alter email messages by accessing rich data insights of BigCommerce platform. This ensures a higher achievement of researching customer engagement and satisfaction.

Driving Engagement through Email Integration

Email integration with BigCommerce simplifies delivering to customers proper content and engagement.

By facilitating exclusive offerings or sending personalized preferables whether launching new products, email campaigns among businesses strategies are considered to attract customers to the online stores. 

Furthermore, the integration empowers how automated workflows for email are implemented, such as notifications of abandoned cart or 

Moreover, the integration enables the implementation of automated email workflows, such as abandoned cart reminders and after-sale follow-ups, essentially devoted to higher conversion rates and customer retention.

Utilizing Customer Data for Personalization

One of the important benefits gained from BigCommerce email integration is its ability to exploit customer data to create individualized email marketing. 

‍The target audience could be segmented to demographics, purchase history or searching behavior thanks to the accessibility of customer data storage within BigCommerce.

‍This segmentation supports targeted email campaigns to deliver promotion content, product suggestions, and tailored offerings, from that creating a personalized shopping adventure that advances customer loyalty and fosters them to buy again.

Choosing the Right Email Marketing Platform

When it comes to BigCommerce email marketing integration, it is crucial to make decisions to choose the right email marketing platform. The choice will be the important element of your email campaigns, giving you the opportunity to drive both customer engagement and conversions efficiently. 

When it comes to email marketing platform choices, we should take some factors into consideration. Any other popular options smoothly continuous integration with BigCommerce are also taken into account to make detailed comparisons.

Factors to Consider

Features and Functionality

  • Every email marketing platform offers accessibility to many features. Some vital functionalities are also displayed such as email campaign creation, automation facilities, segmentation choices, A/B testing and third-party collaboration.
  • To significantly enhance your email marketing strategies, demonstrating whether the platform offers leading features such as relevant content, personalized suggestions and advanced examination is important.

Ease of Use and User Interface:

  • This factor illustrates how user-friendly the platform's interface is. You and your team may need to put less effort when consuming a user-friendly platform providing features such as navigating, organizing campaigns or examining results. A platform that offers intuitive drag-and-drop editors, pre-designed templates, and a visual interface could help you a lot in creating attractive email content.

Integration Capabilities:

  • Integration capabilities ensure that email marketing platform is connected logically with BigCommerce. 
  • Ensure that the email marketing platform seamlessly integrates with BigCommerce. Look for official integrations or plugins designed explicitly for BigCommerce to ensure a smooth connection between the media.
  • Examining the platform to review whether it provides integrations with other necessary functions  such as CRM systems, analytics platforms, or client service software. This allows you to rationalize your workflow and centralize data across various platforms.

Scalability and Pricing:

  • Analyze the email marketing platform's scalability. As your business develops, it is necessary to utilize a platform to facilitate the increasing number of subscribers and deal with 
  • As your business grows, you'll need a platform to accommodate the increasing number of subscribers and cope with increased email volume without compromising performance.
  • Take each platform's pricing structure into consideration. As your subscriber base enlarges, try to take a look at a pricing model that connects directly with your budget and provides flexibility. Compare the price per email, extra charges for premium features, and any restrictions on the number of subscribers or email sends.

Comparison of Popular Email Marketing Platforms for BigCommerce


  • Features: Several features are provided by Mailchimp such as email layouts, automation workflows, segmentation, A/B testing, and marketing tools integration.
  • Integration with BigCommerce: Mailchimp provides seamless integration with BigCommerce, giving you permission to sync customer data, run email automations, and monitor results all from your BigCommerce store.
  • Scalability and Pricing: Mailchimp provides pricing plans reasonable for all sizes of businesses, Including both a paid strategy that scales based on subscriber count and a free programme with constrained features.


  • Features: With its strong segmentation and personalization capabilities, Klaviyo is renowned for offering sophisticated targeting options based on client behavior, purchase history, and preferences. Mechanical workflows, pre-built layouts, and A/B testing are some of the given options.
  • Integration with BigCommerce: With the direct integration that Klaviyo offers with BigCommerce, you can synchronize customer data, segment audiences, and start automated email flows based on happenings in your store in real time.
  • Scalability and Pricing: All sizes of businesses can use Klaviyo because its pricing is based on the quantity of contacts. A good offering of this platform is a free trial term so as to create conditions for customers to try using its features.

Constant Contact

  • Features: A user-friendly interface, adaptable email templates, automation tools, list segmentation, and reporting features are all provided by Constant Contact. Additionally, it offers features like social media marketing and event management.
  • Integration with BigCommerce: With Constant Contact's simple BigCommerce integration, you can sync contacts, automate email campaigns, and monitor performance all from within your BigCommerce store.
  • Scalability and Pricing: In order to accommodate businesses of various sizes, Constant Contact offers pricing plans based on the quantity of contacts. They provide a free trial period in addition to extra features like survey and event management.

You can choose based on your unique requirements and spending limit by comparing the features, integration capabilities, scalability, and pricing of these well-known email marketing platforms. 

It is critical to thoroughly assess each platform to confirm BigCommerce compatibility and its capacity to support your email marketing goals.

Setting up Email Integration with BigCommerce

An e-commerce company's customer engagement and sales can be significantly increased by integrating email marketing with BigCommerce. Using plugins or APIs, you can connect your BigCommerce store to an email marketing platform to set up email integration. This section will show how to create email integration by respective stages as well as the potential factors to contribute to an outstanding integration.

Choosing the Right Email Marketing Platform

The prior step in email integration to meet your company’s needs and wants is to make the best decision in many email marketing platforms. Platforms for email marketing like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Constant Contact are supported by BigCommerce. 

Consider factors like pricing, integration potential, and features like automation, segmentation, and reporting when selecting the best platform for your business.

Linking Your BigCommerce Store to Your Email Marketing Platform

The next step is connecting your BigCommerce store to your preferred email marketing platform using APIs or plugins after you've decided on one. 

The two platforms can communicate seamlessly thanks to these APIs or plugins, which guarantees that customer information, purchase history, and email campaigns are all in sync.

Depending on your chosen platform, there are many methods to connect your email marketing one with your BigCommerce store. A step-by-step instruction for connecting your BigCommerce store with the platform via APIs or plugins is typically provided by the platform. 

It is essential to carefully follow the directions to guarantee a successful integration.

Configuring Your Integration Settings

Configure your integration settings to sync customer data and automate email campaigns after integrating your BigCommerce store with your email marketing platform. Setting up email templates, triggers, and segmenting your email list are all possible configuration steps.

Synchronizing Customer Data

Customer data synchronization is a crucial step in the configuration process. Customer name, email address, purchase history, and other pertinent data are all retrieved from BigCommerce by the email marketing platform. Your email list can be segmented and personalized using this data.

Automating Email Campaigns

An essential component of email marketing is automation. To increase customer engagement and retention, set up automated email campaigns such as abandoned cart recovery emails, welcome emails, and post-purchase follow-up emails.

Segmenting Your Email List

Your email list can be segmented by breaking it up into smaller groups based on factors like demographics, past purchases, and behavior. Your email campaigns will become more personalized as a result, improving customer interaction and conversion rates.

Integrating Email Marketing Tools and Apps within BigCommerce

A variety of email marketing tools and apps from BigCommerce enable companies to increase client engagement, automate processes, and enhance email campaigns. This section covers the most popular programmes and tools that BigCommerce users can utilize to integrate with their email marketing campaigns.

Email Capture Forms

Using email capture forms to increase your subscriber base is a good strategy. A variety of lead generation tools, including pop-ups, banners, and slide-ins is offered by BigCommerce for the purpose of gathering customers’ email addresses. These forms can be tailored to coordinate with your online store's branding and integrated with your email marketing system to automatically sync new subscribers.

Social Media Integration

Another powerful method to increase your email marketing initiatives approach is using social media integration. To automate posting, target audiences, and evaluate the effectiveness of social media campaigns, BigCommerce gives retailers the ability to link their social media profiles with their email marketing platform. By integrating their social media and email marketing strategies, merchants can save time and effort.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Apps

Recovery from abandoned carts is a critical component of online commerce that can assist retailers in recouping lost sales. In order to send customers who abandon their carts personalized emails, BigCommerce provides a number of abandoned cart recovery apps that integrate with email marketing platforms. These emails may offer product recommendations, deals, and prompts to finish the transaction, increasing the likelihood that abandoned carts will result in sales.

Personalization Apps

Businesses can tailor email content based on customer behavior, preferences, and past purchases using personalization apps. BigCommerce offers a variety of personalization apps that let businesses send customers targeted emails based on their online browsing and purchasing habits. Merchants can increase the likelihood of customer engagement and conversion rates by personalizing email content for specific customers.

Analytics and Reporting Tools

Analytics and reporting tools must be used to monitor the success of email marketing efforts. Using a number of analytics and reporting tools offered by BigCommerce, retailers may monitor email campaign performance indicators including open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Future campaigns can be made more effective by using this information to hone email marketing tactics.


Your e-commerce company can experience a revolution by integrating email marketing with BigCommerce. By taking advantage of the power of personalized communication, automation, and analytics; customer engagement, sales, and the online store’s visibility could all be boosted. 

You can send customized emails and offers to your customers using BigCommerce email integration based on their preferences, past purchases, and behavior. By increasing customer engagement and conversion rates, this personalized approach also boosts revenue and patronage.

Automation is also crucial for time and effort savings. By using automated email campaigns, such as abandoned cart recovery emails and post-purchase follow-ups, you can recover lost sales and cultivate customer relationships without manual intervention.

The integration also provides you robust insights through analytics and reporting functions. By taking advantage of some techniques such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions; the impact of your marketing techniques could be potentially maximized. It is essential to look after your campaigns carefully and make modifications when needed, especially if you want to keep your brand positions in this competitive e-commerce context

Take note that BigCommerce email integration is a continuous effort but an occasion that occurs a few times. The most important thing is to alter your strategies when technology is increasingly developed and consumers’ interests change over time. Email marketing tools and techniques are required to be updated over time to achieve long-term success.

It is high time to explore more chances that could be gained from BigCommerce. By encouraging customer relationships, building continuous communication and boosting significant growth, you can recognize all the potential of your e-commerce business.

Do not hesitate to start using BigCommerce email integration now to get ready for this significant breakthrough. Believe us, your business and clients will both highly rate it.