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BigCommerce Malaysia: All-in-One E-commerce Solutions for Malaysian Businesses

It is not surprising to us that businesses (e.g. startups, large enterprises,...) are starting to invest in e-commerce platforms to expand their reach and maximize their profits with the increasing number of Malaysian consumers turning to online shopping today. This is when BigC Commerce Malaysia appeared, providing a powerful, easy-to-use, and flexible platform, which makes it easier for businesses and enterprises to establish and control their online stores. We provide all-in-one Mass Trade services to our Malaysian customers, assisting them in achieving their e-commerce goals and growing their business as one of the major Trade partners Top. We will explore the advantages of BigCommerce for Malaysian merchants and businesses, the services we have provided as a BigCommerce collaborator to Malaysian buyers, and the success story of companies that have successfully implemented BigCommerce in this article

What is BigCommerce?

The leading and widespread e-commerce platform used around the world that enables private merchant businesses to create, operate and enhance their online stores is BigCommerce. Integrating many useful functions and tools, BigC Commerce allows enterprises to sell their products and services online, from private businessmen and startups to large enterprises. With a user-friendly, customizable, and extensible platform, BigC Commerce allows enterprises to create styles for their online stores according to their specific needs and desires. 

Why BigCommerce Malaysia?

With the aim of staying competitive and reaching buyers beyond geographical borders, E-Commerce is becoming increasingly important for businesses in Malaysia. Limited technical expertise, lack of resources, and increasing competition are the painful realities that Malaysian businesses face when engaging in e-commerce.BigCommerce can help overcome these disadvantages with user-friendly screens, customizable design templates, and built-in templates that are suitable for SEO, advertising, marketing analytics, and scalability. to develop. Here's how: 

1. Limited Resources

It's complicated and difficult for businesses with resource constraints, such as time, limited budgets, and expertise, to create or maintain. Maintain an e-commerce presence. The cost-effective and user-friendly platform that allows businesses to easily create and manage their online stores without technical knowledge or heavy investment is offered by BigCommerce Malaysia.

2. Fierce Competition

Today, standing out from the crowd to attract and retain customers requires Malaysian businesses to pay attention, in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape. BigCommerce Malaysia offers a variety of customizable functions and tools, allowing businesses to create attractive and unique online stores that reflect their brand and meet the needs of their customers, thereby helping Businesses build a loyal customer base and differentiate them from competitors.

3. Security and Reliability

Malaysian businesses that create online face a range of security and reliability challenges, such as cyber threats and downtime. It can affect their reputation and revenue.A secure and reliable platform designed to protect businesses from potential threats and downtime, ensuring that their online stores are always ready to serve their customers is everything. all that BigCommerce Malaysia has to offer.

4. Scalability

Many Malaysian businesses face scaling up their e-commerce operations as they grow; It requires significant investments in infrastructure and resources. BigCommerce Malaysia does not require significant investment or technical expertise and can help businesses improve their e-commerce operations efficiently and economically by providing a scalable platform. From startups to large enterprises.

Success Stories: How Malaysian Businesses Achieved Growth with BigCommerce


A Malaysian children's clothing and accessories brand that offers a range of high-quality products for kids is FLYBYFLY. They were struggling with their previous e-commerce platform and transferred to BigCommerce to assist them develop their own business. They were able to seamlessly migrate their online store and customize the design to enhance their brand image with the help of a BigCommerce partner. They also carried out a range of BigCommerce features, such as abandoned cart recovery and product feedback, which helped improve customer engagement and sales. FLYBYFLY has seen a 30% increase in sales and a 20% growth in conversion rates as a result of their BigCommerce implementation


StyleTribute provides a range of high-end fashion products (clothing, shoes,...), which is a luxury fashion marketplace based in Singapore, supplying to customers in Southeast Asia. To customize the design to suit their brand and transfer their online store, they chose BigCommerce as their e-commerce platform and collaborated with BigCommerce as a partner. They also integrated a range of third-party applications, such as a fraud detection system and a delivery administration tool to enhance the proficiency of their operations.  As a result of their BigCommerce implementation, StyleTribute has seen a 50% increase in website traffic and a 40% increase in conversion rates. 


ZALORA is a beauty retailer and leading online fashion, famous and popular in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia. They decided to choose BigCommerce and worked as a collaborator with BigCommerce as a partner and as their e-commerce display place to migrate their online store to the platform. They also customized the design to enhance their brand photo and implemented a range of BigCommerce quality, such as a product recommendation engine and a loyalty program, which helped to improve customer engagement and increase sales. As a result of their BigCommerce implementation, ZALORA has seen a 30% increase in conversion rates and a 25% increase in average order value.

These case studies demonstrate the success that Malaysian businesses can achieve by using BigCommerce as their e-commerce platform and working with a reliable BigCommerce partner to optimize their online store.

Our Services

We supply to help businesses achieve their e-commerce goals and succeed in the highly competitive online marketplace with a comprehensive range of BigCommerce services to Malaysian customers as a top BigCommerce partner.

Here are some of the BigCommerce services we provide to Malaysian customers:

BigCommerce Design and Development

If you generate a useful online store that needs a functional website, it will need to be visually appealing, engaging, and friendly to display on the BigCommerce website, our BigCommerce strategy and development services enable Malaysian businesses to create a unique and attractive online store, it reflects their brand and meets their customers' needs. To understand their requirements and create a tailored solution that delivers real results, our team of expert designers and developers work closely with businesses.

BigCommerce Integration

Malaysian businesses can rationalize their e-commerce operations and develop proficiency by integrating BigCommerce with other platforms and applications. Our company BigCommerce integration services enable businesses to link up with their online store with payment gateways, delivery providers, inventory administration systems, and other applications. All of that things can help businesses automate their processes, reduce manual work, and improve the overall.

BigCommerce Migration

Converting an existing e-commerce display supply to the BigCommerce platform can be a complicated and challenging progression, it needs important resources and expertise for this phase. Our BigCommerce migration services allow Malaysian traders and businesses to move their online stores to the BigCommerce platform with easy and minimal disruption to their operations. Our company supplies end-to-end help, from arranging and preparation to carrying out and post-migration support, making sure that your business will have a smooth and successful transition.

BigCommerce Maintenance and Support

We provide comprehensive BigCommerce maintenance and support services to Malaysian businesses, including 24/7 technical support, performance monitoring, and security updates to maintaining an online store requires ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and support to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently. It can assist businesses concentrate on growing their business, while we take care of the technical details.

BigCommerce Training and Consultancy

In administering an online store, noteworthy knowledge, professionalism, and skill in e-commerce, digital marketing, promotion, technology, and others are all things required.  BigCommerce training and advisory services to Malaysian sellers, allowing them to enhance their knowledge and skills in managing their online store effectively is the best product that we provide for business. Besides that, our experts supply guidance, advice, and practical tips on everything from store management to marketing strategies, helping businesses maximize their online potential.


In general, BigCommerce Malaysia provides a powerful and flexible platform for all business objects, who look to establish or widen their e-commerce presence and improve sales. As a BigCommerce collaborator, we support all traders and businesses in all level to get their e-commerce targets and improve their businesses with our long-term expertise, skill, and experience. Our company supplies all-in-one services to help Malaysian businesses do well in e-commerce, from design, and renovation to maintenance and support from 2007. If you are finding to establish or widen your own online store, just think BigCommerce Malaysia is your go-to answer, please contact us today!