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The Future of Customer Experience (CX) in E-commerce


In today’s exponential growth, customer experience (CX) plays an important role in e-commerce development. However, we are skeptical about the way technology of e-commerce firms advance customer experience as well as differentiate themselves. In this article, the trend and tool drivers of CX’s future in e-commerce will be discussed.

Overview of E-commerce

The industry of e-commerce as well as online businesses is emerging significantly. According to recently researched consumer behavior, the global industry is expected to have more than $7.3 trillion value by 2025.

The pandemic has pointed out that every generation needs to research about the benefits of online shopping’s benefits even though there has been an emerging trend in e-commerce chances. By 2021, the total sales of e-commerce will be expected to increase at 18.1%, and the figures are still going up.

If customers want more in their online shopping habits, it cannot be denied that they demand for more reliable and personalized online experience. CX in e-commerce investment will become more important in the future for enterprises.

The Potential for CX in E-commerce

E-commerce businesses are expected to rank a better position in the future as CX in e-commerce gives enterprises the ability to help customers experience better online purchasing. However, businesses need to highlight some main subjects in order to optimize the best goals:

  • Customer journey mapping: Businesses are able to perform statistics and insights tracking of customers by having an in-depth understanding of customer journey maps such as social media settings or website chat widget.
  • Omnichannel customer service: Businesses need to have various channel accessibilities such as phone, video calls or internet chat in order to bring better service and experience to customers.
  • Artificial intelligence: AI helps businesses the ability to perform CX strategies management better as well as customer problems and critical data of customer experience.
  • Security and compliance: More actions of security and compliance should be taken into consideration as more fraud or criminal worries are increasing among customers.

Discovering CX Technology in the E-Commerce Sector

In today’s e-commerce industry, Customer experience (CX) has a great influence on customer decisions and loyalty. The differences of being successful or not are based on the customer experiences such as information accessibility, smooth deliveries or personalization.

AI-Powered Personalisation

AI is one of the most powerful tools in the development of e-commerce’s CX which gives businesses the ability to perform client data, preferences and behavior better, as well as provides customers personalized suggestions, relevant contents and offers. 

For instance, AI helps businesses gain deeper customer insights such as their demographics in order to build the most proper products. Businesses are also able to perform personalized emails, alert pushing to customers better, as well as provide them the relevant discounts. Thus, AI-powered customization could advance customer happiness and loyalty as well as conversion rates.

Voice Commerce

Voice commerce is an emerging trend in the transformation development of CX in e-commerce as this brings benefits to both customers and e-commerce stores. Customers are able to experience more reliable online shopping even when they have specific multitasks or restricted display access. E-commerce firms are also advantaged from voice commerce to advance brand awareness, brand position and customer loyalty better. Thus, voice commerce could bring customers a better experience in terms of feelings and services.

The Challenges in CX in E-commerce

E-commerce solutions are more considered to be chosen among customers as it brings various benefits such as essential tools and services. The general tendency has been that customers are more and more seeking higher expectations from corporate executives as they tend to use reliable order processing companies such as Amazon.

Nowadays, 85% of customers request for better experiences and services while purchasing online. This proves that creative concepts of every company need to be more invested than before if companies want to be more than other competitors. Otherwise, AI will play an important role in serving customers as it is able to control their sentiment better.


E-commerce businesses tend to have their position in the industry development, as customers are likely to demand a better experience for their online purchasing than previously. You should select the most proper digital commerce and customer experience agency to perform CX better through e-commerce platforms in order to advance the best online presence. Contact us today to realize your desires!