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ERP for Wholesale Distributors: How to Choose The Best One


Not all ERP for Wholesale Distributors systems is the same. Wholesale distributors typically manage their companies with a business management system. When disparate solutions are combined in this manner, they may or may not work well together.  In this article, we'll explore ERP for wholesale distributors and emphasize how to choose solutions for wholesale distribution. 

Strength of ERP for Wholesale Distributors 

Choosing an ERP that doesn't carefully match your demands can have costly impacts. Start by deciding if an on-premises or cloud is better for you. Start by determining whether a cloud or on-premise system is right for you.  While a cloud solution might be less expensive, on-premise systems provide you with more control over your data at the expense of higher maintenance costs. Acumatica is a top-rated Cloud ERP leader for wholesale distributors with real-time visibility and task management in all-in-one systems. 

Inventory Control

Since the customer experience (CX) is the top priority for retailers, they ensure accurate inventory and costs and a thorough understanding of the products your customers need, expect, and are willing to pay what prices for. This enhances customer relationships.

Unfortunately, sustaining an "always-available" inventory is a challenging task. With obsolete, disconnected software and/or manual processes, it is nearly impossible always to know how much stock you have on your side. A lack of inventory causes shortages, disappointed consumers, and lost revenue, while an abundance of inventory results in excessive expenditures and unnecessary expenses. Based on a stable and healthy inventory, the business might give strong customer bonds and guarantee profitability.

With an ERP for Wholesale Distributors, you'll have the transparency, cooperation, and departmental connectivity required to predict client demand and place the appropriate combination of stock orders. You can manage incoming and outgoing shipments through an all-in-one system, perform serial number tracking, boost demand projections, automate workflows to minimize human error, monitor real-time data for increased business agility, and more.

Supply Chain Command

ERP for distributors must provide real-time profitability by warehouse, product line, location, or business unit, and costs must be reduced throughout the whole supply and distribution chain. The Acumatica ERP for Wholesale Distributors will streamline and expedite your supply chain processes by adding stock items instantly to an invoice, changing inventory without generating a sales order or return, processing an order with a single click, and keeping you updated at all times.

On the other hand, several systems require that you invest money in several platforms for potential uses or a staff of IT professionals solely responsible for maintaining or deploying them. You may optimize the implementation process by utilizing the ERP Cloud, which unifies all functions into a single platform. Acumatica is super intuitive and user-centric, meaning you don’t need an in-house ERP expert team to do the job.

Omnichannel Commerce Experiences

Omnichannel Commerce Experiences, which offer a seamless shopping experience by marketing and selling across all channels, are familiar to wholesale distributors. It also gives customers multiple shopping experiences, including over the phone, online with a mobile device or laptop, or in a physical location. Companies might choose commerce ERP solutions to provide a seamless omnichannel commerce experience. These solutions assemble commerce and retail software with a cloud ERP for Wholesale Distributors to form an integrated system. 

Meanwhile, managing the variety of orders arriving from all of these sources may be a challenge. When merchants sell their products on various web-based sales channels, they’ll find that the customer orders and shipping information will be overloaded. Omnichannel selling and integrated marketing tactics need a powerful ERP system. With an open-source API structure, every new online platform can transfer order data into an ERP.  

Financial Accounting and Analytics Management

The Acumatica ERP for wholesale distributors solution connects all your accounting requirements into a user-friendly system and offers integrated, customizable reports, dashboards, and data analysis functions. You may appreciate that your company has a firm financial foundation with a detailed, consolidated view of your accounting data. Accounting software like QuickBooks eliminates manual, paper-based data entry procedures, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. Also, it lowers personnel expenses through integrated reporting, streamlined payroll and tax filing procedures, and simple data access.

How to properly consider ERP software for distributors

Finding the right system that serves your requirements can be a huge task that needs research asking for peer recommendations, reading analyst reviews, using evaluation checklists, etc.

With many options with similar feature sets, selecting the best ERP for wholesale distributors from the pack can be complex. Here are some ideas on assessing your shortlisted ERP for your distribution business:

  • List how you expect your ERP to add cross-functional and long-term value to your business.
  • Analyze your workflows and engage with consultants and suppliers to properly comprehend all your future ERP distribution requirements.
  • Offer your ERP provider access to your company's operational procedures and an opportunity to speak with your team throughout the discovery process.
  • Get a free study from your ERP vendor or a possibility to exhibit the promised ROI. Assess their willingness to assist you and the potential improvements.
  • Examine the resources available to assist the training, implementation, and management stages.
  • Visit the offices of your contenders and get to know their culture. In-person relationships build trust and tend to iron out misunderstandings.


With ERP for Wholesale Distributors, companies can manage multiple locations using a single database, enabling employee mobility and productivity on desktop and mobile devices anywhere at any time. Moreover, scalability and growth are much simpler based on cloud ERP software. Contact us to choose the best ERP software for wholesale distributors!