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Drive growth with retail commerce management software


While some businesses struggled to fulfill the growth of online demand, many innovative and forward-thinking companies succeeded by utilizing contemporary retail commerce management software. To meet and surpass consumer demand, retailers realize they will entail the proper eCommerce platforms and top-notch technology. In this article, we'll explore retail commerce management software and emphasize how this software can adequately manage your objectives for retailers. 

Challenging without retail commerce management software

Inventory mismanagement

  • Poor Stock Management 

Because you need precise real-time information on how much inventory you have, poor inventory management results in inadequacies. This mismanagement increases the likelihood of ordering merchandise from suppliers incorrectly or selling nonexistent products. Several businesses still utilize manual inventory tracking and stocktaking instead of retail commerce management software.  

Poor stock management leads to taking more than a moment's thought for customers to go elsewhere. For instance, your assistant manager could omit to update your data. When you regularly place purchase orders, you might order excessively and confront the problem of outdated products or insufficient and encounter stock-outs. Consumers will decide on a supplier capable of offering them what they want once they realize the retailer doesn't have enough inventory. Clients do not tend to wait until you have stock back, which causes their negative perception of the brand in the future.

  • Manual Process

Manual processes, similar to spreadsheets, are appropriate for small firms but become time-consuming and error-prone as your organization scales. Ordering issues will result from always uncontrolled inventory levels. In physical or online stores, stock management is everything.

Loyal Customer's Maintainance

  • Customer Behaviors 

So, what will affect customers' minds? Online efficiency, which monitors how long it takes a client to discover an item and complete a transaction, is one of the essential aspects. Price, speed of purchase or delivery, accessibility, and personalization are the main factors influencing customer loyalty. 

Your business may quickly lose loyalty if customers discover alternative options that are more convenient, more affordable, and more suited to their needs, such as some of the best online shops that always ensure enough inventory to satisfy clients by using retail commerce management software.

  • Loyal Customers  

Building and retaining a loyal client base for a business may be tremendously challenging. Tailoring their strategies to specific people or target client groups takes much work. As mentioned above, manual management makes your business encounter many problems. Then your business must choose a system to take care of customers' shopping data and market to them.

The challenges highlight how effectively a system manages consumer needs and data. Retail commerce management software allows your company to integrate an all-in-one platform. This software helps business owners increase sales with apps that include point-of-sale capabilities, inventory management, retail customer relationship management, and more.

Accelerating Growth with retail commerce management software

Retailers desire to improve their customers’ omnichannel sales experiences, automate sales order and fulfillment processes, and enable continuity of operations by tightly integrating Acumatica’s Sales, CRM, Financials, Fulfillment, and Inventory applications with eCommerce solutions. ERP Acumatica integrates into an automated omnichannel environment that optimizes merchant and customer experiences.

Power Partner Collaboration 

Acumatica has integrated with several key eCommerce platforms, including BigCommerce. According to IDC, the connection between Acumatica and BigCommerce is a “single package solution” that “integrates BigCommerce web stores with financials, inventory, operations, and reports running on Acumatica.” By synchronizing the two platforms, SMEs have opportunities to scale at accelerated rates on an omnichannel approach. 

Multi-channel Synchronizes

Retailers must offer customers multiple sales channels and create seamless between these services. For example, if they purchase an item online, they should be able to return it at the store quickly. If they have an account with a business, their information, contact information, previous orders, and concerns should be synchronized across all channels. 

A retail commerce management software organizes, synchronizes, and distributes data from every department, serving as the organization's single source of truth and providing the information companies need to get insightful knowledge for wise decision-making.

Convenient Retail Process 

Some advantages include fewer stock-outs and backorders, smoother order processing and delivery, simplified refunds and exchanges, simple connectivity with web stores and POS systems, and a seamless omnichannel consumer experience. Moreover, merchants may access their synced data from any device, anytime, anywhere, using retail commerce management software that provides a single source of truth.

With Acumatica, your business can manage the following retail processes from one dashboard: 

  • Accounting
  • Customer support
  • Inventory
  • Picking, packing, and shipping

Seamless Integration 

The collaboration provided by integrated solutions benefits both the business and the customer. By having an omnichannel presence across email marketing, social media, digital advertisements, and more, the company can also meet and anticipate the requirements and desires of clients. This exceptional customer experience, made possible by internal CRM, inventory management, and financial management, is a significant perk and promotes explosive growth.


By giving your consumers an omnichannel experience, your company can anticipate their desires and expectations. Integrating your ERP, retail platforms, inventory management, and financial management enables this exceptional customer experience, which is the key to maximizing growth. Retail commerce management software is vital for businesses, especially in eCommerce and retail. Contact us to learn about Acumatica and see how Acumatica can help your company implement these best practices.