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AHT Tech x Larksuite: An Alliance for Digital Workplace Solutions in APAC

December 16, 2022


AHT Tech

Hanoi, Vietnam., Nov. 25, 2022 — Today we are celebrating with the news that AHT Tech is now in a strategic partnership with Lark Technologies Pte. Ltd., an enterprise collaboration platform that is significantly transforming workplace collaboration. 

By partnering with Larksuite, AHT Tech can now empower our customers, SMEs and large corporations, with the freedom they need to access a fully-integrated work platform specially built to increase productivity and make collaboration more enjoyable. 

Why Lark?

Over the past years, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digitalization within organizations.  With the rapid evolution of Digital Workplace solutions, Lark has positioned itself as a leading suite of modern workplace solutions. That’s the reason why Lark is a partner of choice for AHT Tech. 

Indeed, with AHT Tech's specialization in digital transformation, the company allows Lark to accelerate the deployment and adoption of its Digital Workplace solutions in South East Asia and Asia-Pacific region in the near future.

The multi-year partnership between AHT Tech and Larksuite means we will together provide further essential tools to increase workplace productivity, communication, and efficiency. The strategic alliance of AHT Tech’s leading-edge technology solutions with Larksuite’s expertise will create enhanced user experiences and boost usage of these solutions in the regional market and around the world.

About AHT Tech

AHT Tech is a global premium group that provides world-class digital commerce and customer experience solutions. AHT Tech, with offices in 8 countries, has hundreds of professionals located in Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Germany and the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand focusing on reimagining client’s businesses in the digital economy.

About Larksuite

Larksuite is a platform for online collaboration that manages all organizational business activities and unify several crucial digital collaboration tools, including Calendar, Docs, Messenger, Meeting and Cloud Storage on a single platform to simplify daily operations. Instead of navigating out from the application and switching to a browser, Lark tries to get everything integrated into a single platform, without needing to switch apps or tabs.