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AHT Tech Embarks on Exciting Journey with Bold Rebranding Initiative

June 6, 2023


AHT Tech

HANOI, VIETNAM - June 6, 2023: Today, AHT Tech, a leading software development and technology solutions consultancy firm based in Vietnam, announces a strategic rebranding initiative. The rebranding signals a shift in the company's primary focus from software development services to technology solutions, centering on creating enhanced value for the customer. 

A Milestone in AHT Tech's History

Established in 2007, AHT Tech has carved a niche for ourselves as a premier software development firm in Vietnam. Since its inception, AHT Tech has been a beacon of technological innovation, consistently bringing forward groundbreaking solutions that support the growth and success of businesses worldwide. Over the years, we have grown our presence significantly, today boasting a skilled workforce of over 500 technology engineers working in nine branches globally. This robust team embodies our mission to deliver exceptional value through personalized experiences to our customers, partners, and employees.

But success in the face of international competition has demanded us a unique brand identity, one that leaves a lasting impact on customers and differentiates AHT Tech in the marketplace. Amid the rapidly evolving technological landscape, this rebranding has never been more crucial.

Reasons for Rebranding

Our decision to reimagine our brand reflects our commitment to staying on the pulse of the market and proactively meeting the evolving needs of our customers. With the fast-paced changes in the technology landscape, we recognize the importance of evolving and adapting to ensure that our brand resonates with our customers and aligns with their changing priorities. In response to evolving customer priorities, we have shifted from our initial focus on software production services to providing technology solutions centered on creating value for our customers.

Details of the Rebrand

Our rebrand encompasses a thoughtful redesign of key brand elements including our logo, color palette, and overall visual identity. The new design is not just a cosmetic change. It encapsulates AHT Tech's core values and bold vision for the future. Each aspect of the new brand identity has been carefully considered to resonate with our key audiences and reflect our business evolution. 

The transition will be gradual, unfolding over the coming months. Customers and stakeholders will witness the new brand elements gradually being incorporated across our product range, marketing materials, and digital platforms.

Unveiling the New Brand Identity

Our new logo symbolizes our adaptability and forward-thinking philosophy. Its vibrant colors reflect our dynamism and creativity, while the modern design signals our commitment to innovation and technological advancement.

But it's not just our visual identity that's getting a facelift. Our brand mission and values are also evolving to better represent AHT Tech's aspirations and strategic objectives. The new brand mission encapsulates our commitment to bringing true value to customers, contributing positively to society, and aligning with our corporate vision.

We also reaffirm our commitment to our employees, promising to maintain a compensation policy and a culture of recognition that adheres to the principles of consistency, transparency, flexibility, empowerment, and innovative thinking. To our partners and shareholders, we pledge to uphold goodwill, sustainability, and a harmony of interests. As a responsible corporate citizen, we recommit ourselves to contributing to sustainable economic and social development.


As we stride into this exciting new chapter, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our customers and stakeholders for their enduring support and trust in us. We look forward to achieving new milestones together as we continue to commit to delivering excellence in technology solutions.

About AHT Tech

AHT Tech is a global leader in software development and technology solution consulting. Renowned for providing comprehensive digital transformation services, customer experience creation, on-demand software development, and IT infrastructure management, AHT Tech aids businesses to innovate their models, optimize operational efficiency, and deliver superior customer experiences in the digital age.