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Academy Xi Accelerates Company Growth With Salesforce Integration

Academy Xi - An Australian-based EdTech Startup

Salesforce Integration for Academy Xi


Academy Xi is an Australia-based tech start-up known for its short, practical and skill-specific programs for individuals and teams to upgrade their capabilities. The company offers courses in user experience, virtual reality and service design, product management, digital marketing, workshops, classes, events, and team training services. In 2021, Academy Xi raised an additional $4.4 million to top up a $9.6 million round for a total raise of $14 million, signalling a new stage for their development as digital transformation and automation are changing the structure of the workforce.


Now that Academy Xi focused on providing job-ready people faster and cheaper than its competitors globally, it received a significant number of monthly visits every month. Academy Xi came to the realization that an upgrade to their website was necessary to meet the market's demand during and after the pandemic. The brand decided to work hand-in-hand with AHT Tech to make the site appearance smooth for the users on the front end while enhancing the complex sales and marketing process behind the scenes.


The new digital experience

The journey to tailoring the website appearance beginned with implementing a new theme that truly reflects the brand personality. Academy Xi's unique appearance promisingly provided a fresh and professional look perceived by Academy Xi's visitors and learners.

AHT Tech's design solution integration with Elementor Pro, a drag-and-drop CMS page builder, was allowing Academy Xi's team to manage content effortlessly within the WordPress dashboard. The content delivery process is also much more streamlined thanks to the customization of new add-ons to the website that can be reused in the future. Additionally, the custom modules AHT Tech embedded include Gravity form, a form installed to collect necessary information about customers, Mega menu, a user-friendly and touch-ready menu with just a few clicks, and an API connection to get data displayed on the website.

Salesforce integration

In addition to a blazing website interface, Academy Xi also needed an innovative portal to help streamline enrollment. Academy Xi believed it could strengthen the customer relationship and make the purchase process faster and easier.

AHT Tech's team of experts took innovation beyond customer experience by tailoring the Salesforce solution to meet Academy Xi's business needs. The team developed an end-to-end process for opportunities and enrollments so that learners can track their enrollment status and receive enrollment reports and invoice reminders through SMS and email. By implementing a connection between Salesforce and Xero, AHT Tech made it possible for invoice data to be synced from Salesforce to Xero and vice versa.

The new platform solution can also create portfolio and discipline objects, migrate them to existing courses and generate certificates when learners complete their studies. Adding to that, Academy Xi's customers can now sign up with a Person Account as long as they are not business customers. Through this approach, the Academy Xi's team doesn't have to handle the whole management process manually as they did before.


Since implementation, Academy Xi has seen a significant operational improvement. The streamlined customer experience helped increase conversions during and after the pandemic. More importantly, the operating process is continuously tailored bY AHT Tech to meet the business's growth through time.