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Aku Pintar - EdTech Startup Hits 1 Million App Downloads By Unifying Crucial Educational Resources on Liferay

Aku Pintar - EdTech Startup Hits 1 Million App Downloads By Unifying Crucial Educational Resources on Liferay

Aku Pintar Success Story


Aku Pintar, a startup in the education technology industry based in Indonesia, aims to provide accessible educational resources to individuals who require them. Its services include digital classrooms, community forums, practice exams, scholarship information, and other educational tools and resources for students, educators, and schools.


To complete the ambitious vision of changing the educational landscape in Indonesia by creating one place that would connect users to essential resources, news, information, and even teaching itself, Aku Pintar desired to find a best-fit solution.
Aku Pintar planned to choose a solution that limited the lack of a standardized DevOps process, decreased development time, and eliminated difficulty in scaling and maintaining the platform.


With the vision, Aku Pintar was the priority of choosing a solution that could save time to develop custom features. Aku Pintar decided on Liferay DXP, which is called "a complete platform" for the features Liferay could provide out-of-the-box.
Using Liferay documentation and support, Aku Pintar created a public website and mobile apps for Android and iOS in three months, with core functionality. They continue to expand features in response to market and user demands.
Aku Pintar leverages Liferay's analytics to monitor user behavior and incorporates single sign-on for a consistent user experience between their website and mobile app. Their straightforward content management system lets them frequently publish educational news and updates, ensuring the platform remains up-to-date.


Using Liferay for its website and mobile app, Aku Pintar can concentrate on addressing Indonesia's educational needs with a dependable, sustainable, and secure solution.
Until launching the website and mobile application, Aku Pintar rapidly reached outstanding productivity, including hitting 1 million app downloads, accelerated execution from concept to reality, and provided support on multiple platforms.