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BBVA Rapidly Becomes Top-Rated Digital Experience through Adobe Experience Cloud

BBVA Rapidly Becomes Top-Rated Digital Experience through Adobe Experience Cloud

BBVA Success Story


Established in 1857, BBVA is a significant player in the financial services, servicing consumers in-person and online through its lauded mobile app and retail locations. It has more than 110,000 workers worldwide. BBVA has experienced tremendous change since 2015, placing data-driven decision-making and a digital consumer experience at the core of its banking operations.


At the start of its transition, BBVA set itself some ambitious goals, such as reaching 50% of its client base online in just two years and achieving 50% of its sales through digital channels by 2020. Since then, the bank has exceeded those goals, but so needed reconsidering its strategy for creating digital experiences. In other words, BBVA required a top-down transformation. However, BBVA 's digital tools were not standardized, and it lacked a plan to merge digital resources or harmonize data across their 10 markets.


Recognizing the scope of its demands, BBVA executed a new method of operation, prioritizing digital talent, and integrating its teams to develop and provide data-driven services that are accessible. To consolidate its data and support its digital growth, BBVA utilized an array of Adobe Experience Cloud technologies. With Adobe's technology serving as the framework for its new data-driven strategy, BBVA went on to completely crush its performance KPIs.

Adobe Experience Cloud centralized and brought consistency to content management, which will help BBVA to communicate with customers in a more personalized and emotive way through its mobile app and other front-end platforms.


Adobe Analytics facilitate this collaboration allowing BBVA’s many teams to communicate and share insight using a single global language, using simple dashboards to drive rapid, informed decision-making.With assist from Adobe Target, BBVA strives to customize and constantly enhance its digital consumer experiences as part of its transition to data-driven decision-making.

Utilizing Adobe Experience Manager Sites, BBVA centralizes its content creation process, renders better use of the assets it had already created, and establishes best practices for using those assets when interacting with customers.Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target integrations have already made it possible for BBVA to deliver stunning and timely information in a way that feels consistent across regions.Adobe Analytics provided the bank with real-time data to customize and address minor technical issues.

Leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud, BBVA continues to grow and enhance its digital business.Additionally, BBVA desires to beef up its digital marketing, and Adobe's technology will enable it to do so in a GDPR-compliant manner.