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Bupa Ultilizes Adobe Experience Cloud to Boost Customer Experiences

Bupa Ultilizes Adobe Experience Cloud to Boost Customer Experiences

Bupa Success Story


Bupa is a global healthcare organization with its headquarters in London. Its goal is to assist clients in living longer, happier, and healthier lives at every stage of their life. Private ownership means that Bupa only has one set of people who must adatpt to their clients.


Bupa UK is investing more resources into advancing healthcare in the UK, and the digital experiences that drive its business. Bupa UK requires the essential information to make the best choices and boost company performance in order to create innovative client experiences.Bupa UK intended to match the company's marketing objectives and technological roadmap with its development ambitions.

Furthermore Customer interactions can be quite complex if they engage with multiple business areas.


Bupa UK implemented an approach to leveraging data and wanted to expand its marketing playbook.They desired answering every question about its customers, looking at how to innovate at every opportunity, and empowering team members to deliver best-in-class experiences. This approach also required Bupa UK to integrate new sources of information into anonymous customer profiles and automate analytics to make its new initiative sustainable. Therefore, they needed an user-friendly solution that enabled stakeholders to access data directly.

Ultilizing Adobe Proffessional Services training and consulting services, Bupa UK established a consitent understanding of how Adobe Analytics could be used to answer existing business questions, as well as uncover new opportunities and queries. Bupa UK employed Adobe Professional Services to instruct employees in new digital marketing techniques.


Within two months, Bupa optimised customers’ experiences and moved the business forwardd through Adobe Analytics dashboards by 75% reduction in requests for simple data reports and greater demand for more complex reporting.

Using data provided by Adobe Analytics, Bupa has realized that the highest audience conversion rates come from customers with high page views.

Additionally, Bupa UK analysts and marketers can convey those client experiences more effectively.Adobe and Adobe Analytics contributed to a change in how the business interacts with and observes its solution vendors. In order to enable testing, personalization, and site optimization programs as well as multichannel advertising, the organization is developing a comprehensive technological roadmap.

Since collaborating with Adobe Analytics, Bupa UK has introduced brand-new consumer engagement initiatives centered around hot topics including health trends and medical advancements.Within less than 21 days of applying new customer insights from Adobe Analytics into campaign activities, Bupa has seen targeted response rates double.