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How Clive Coffee Takes the Home Espresso Experience to the Next Level with Acumatica Cloud ERP

How Clive Coffee Takes the Home Espresso Experience to the Next Level with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Clive Coffe Success Story


Clive Coffee, founded in Portland in 2008, sells luxury home espresso machines, offers a personalized coffee subscription service, and operates a virtual coffee school. With a staff of 45, they strive to help consumers achieve the perfect barista experience at home. Initially selling through their Portland showroom and website, they added personalized coffee subscriptions by acquiring Mistobox.

In 2020, they launched their Coffee School and adapted sales efforts during the pandemic, including adding a warehouse in Nashville Espresso and coffee enthusiast Clive Coffee expanded business architecture to an online sales business, adding a subscription service and an educational component.

However, Clive Coffee couldn't continue using QuickBooks, a separate eCommerce system that required order processing and inventory through manual data processing. Therefore, Clive Coffee implemented Acumatica Cloud ERP, gaining a single integrated platform that provides real-time financial visibility and increased inventory accuracy. It helps Clive continue its mission to guide its clients in pursuing great espresso, design, and quality that lasts.


Due to the lack of integration between its accounting and bookkeeping software, separate inventory management software, different order processing system, and eCommerce platform, Clive Coffee needed to meet its expectations. As a result, the company required more accurate and up-to-date information and visibility into critical aspects of its operations, such as sales, revenue, inventory, and payment statuses. Consequently, it took up to 15 days to close a month.

‍With an increase in transaction volumes, the staff at Clive Coffee realized that they needed help managing the numerous manual processes and siloed systems. The lack of integration made determining the quantity of a product shipped or the number of canceled orders difficult. Furthermore, selecting the exact shipping date of creation was a challenge.


After researching various well-known solutions such as SAP and, Oracle Netsuite, Clive Coffee, they ultimately concluded that Acumatica is the optimal solution for their business needs and future growth.Acumatica offers cost-effective solutions with customizable features that can quickly adapt to the changing needs of businesses.


Clive Coffee achieved prompt and precise financial reporting and enhanced data visibility with Acumatica. As a distributed team operating across multiple states, the secure cloud access of Acumatica Cloud ERP enables the executives to access financial data anytime.

By consolidating all the data in Acumatica's modern business platform, many manual financial procedures have been streamlined and automated. This integration ensures that everything is interconnected, resulting in a more efficient operation.

‍Acumatica enables individuals to be productive when they log in, provided they have internet access. The fact that the system is cloud-based allows for the use of laptops, desktops, or phones from any location, making it a vital aspect of the system's usability while traveling.

‍Acumatica facilitated a seamless customer experience thanks to its precise data accuracy, streamlined inventory management, and efficient customer communication, all integrated into a single platform. Clive Coffee can now effectively meet its customers' heightened expectations with all data consistently updated as transactions occur within Acumatica.

‍Centralizing all data has significantly increased Clive Coffee's efficiency, enabling them to track product status in real-time and make informed decisions quickly. Acumatica enabled Clive Coffee to launch its Nashville warehouse swiftly, enhancing its customer service capabilities. The company is venturing into various new initiatives, such as revamping older machines, establishing pop-up stores, and introducing a mobile educational feature.

Moreover, since Acumatica consolidates all data into a unified system, Clive Coffee executives can prioritize the company's future rather than handle the administrative.