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Coffee Selection drives growth with Odoo

 Coffee Selection drives growth with Odoo

Coffee Selection Success Story


Founded in 2015 in Abu Dhabi, Coffee Selection is a specialty coffee roastery. Coffee Selection now has the giant roastery machine in the UAE, even though it all began as a small home-based business utilizing a 1K AED roasting machine. Coffee Selection obtains specialty coffee green beans from all over the world, including South America, Africa, and Asia, then roasts them following the Speciality Coffee Association's guidelines. Following that, this coffee is offered for sale to consumers at home via their website or physical store and delivered directly to 70 cafés and restaurants in the UAE and other Gulf countries.


Before the team began collaborating with Odoo, everything was manual. The search for the ideal ERP took a long time, covering everything from purchasing orders to invoices and inventories. The company desired a system that would be affordable, adaptable, and simple to operate. Before using Odoo, the team’s database was entirely shattered. Invoices would be found in one place, LPOs in another, and keeping track of essential business transactions was becoming difficult.


The metric system of grams is employed in the coffee industry. The beans' weight is used for their acquisition and sale. So, to tackle this challenging duty, the inventory management system must adequately capture all the data down to the last gram. Even when working with such minute measures, the team managed the inventory with the aid of Odoo. This aspect of the business ran smoothly due to how simple and easy the system was to use. In the future, Mohamed will have confidence that no inventory will be lost during transportation.


With Odoo, everything finally integrated, saving the team time and effort. Even small touches like being able to generate an invoice or quotation on the phone and not miss out on a single deal are what Mohamed truly values.
Odoo was finally integrated in 2019 and all of Coffee Selection's processes were modified. The team could finally access their entire business from the palm of their hand.
The top five daily-used apps are sales, inventory, accounting, invoicing, and point of sale (POS). The company appreciated the Apps' adaptability, which was especially helpful during Dubai's famed Expo 2020. At the event, Coffee Selection set up a temporary store and quickly set up a separate point of sale for that particular new store. And even if the POS is still different in the main store, everything is merged in the backend. This is seamlessly reflected in the financial statement and balance sheet, as all figures add up and come together in the system's back end.