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Danamart cooporates Lark to bring Financial Empowerment to Indonesia

Danamart cooporates Lark to bring Financial Empowerment to Indonesia

Danamart Success Story


Danamart is Indonesia's pioneering crowdfunding platform, connecting entrepreneurs with socially conscious investors. With a focus on sustainability, it enables investors to make a positive impact on society and the environment while supporting entrepreneurial growth


As Danamart expanded, managing multiple disconnected collaboration apps became inefficient. To streamline operations, the company sought a unified platform. This platform would integrate essential functions like chat, video calls, attendance tracking, approvals, and calendar organization. With a cohesive solution accessible on desktop and mobile, Danamart aimed to enhance productivity and foster seamless growth.


Danamart found the perfect solution in Lark to overcome their challenges. Lark's comprehensive collaboration and communication platform integrated crucial business functions into a unified system. By replacing multiple apps like Google Workspace and Zoom, Lark simplified operations for Danamart.


The incorporation of Lark into Danamart's operations brought remarkable benefits. Lark became the default communication platform for Danamart, simplifying the team's work process. The Lark Calendar facilitated better time management, and the reduced number of apps used for office collaboration resulted in fewer person-hours wasted managing and maintaining multiple isolated apps.

The flexible Approval features of Lark proved highly beneficial for Danamart, streamlining tracking and consolidation while reducing manual processes. Moreover, Lark Calendar improved efficiency by offering a user-friendly, mobile-optimized alternative to outdated software like Outlook Calendar.

Lark's messenger service offered a distinct advantage through its adequate message segregation. Unlike platforms like WhatsApp, which posed challenges with blending personal and professional messages, Lark ensured conversations remained organized, accountable, and efficient.

Lark replaced a suite of apps that included Gsuite, WhatsApp, Zoom, DocuSign, GreatDay, and Tick Tick. This consolidation of functions led to a remarkable increase in operational efficiency for Danamart. By streamlining these tools, Lark enabled Danamart to dedicate more attention to their mission of empowering Indonesia through financial services.