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Emers Vietnam Conquer New Markets With Odoo ERP Solution

Emers Group - An Official Nike Distributing Agent

Emers Vietnam Success Story


Established in 1997 in Taiwan, Emers Group is a conglomerate that first launched itself in the raw materials industry and expanded steadily into diverse businesses. Its long list of ventures includes raw material trading, sports brand distribution (wholesale, eCommerce & retail), sports & event marketing, media, e-literature, and arts & cultural foundation.

Today, Emers Vietnam is an official importer and distributor of accessories and sportswear from international brands such as Nike, Descente, GFORE, Champions, Asics, and more. They are marketed in retail chain stores and e-commerce websites.


As a new player in the Vietnam market, Emers was still looking for a centralized solution to manage and execute its supply chain activities. The management faced challenges on an operational level, as they had not yet streamlined their purchasing, warehousing, and accounting processes and online/offline sales channels. During the business analysis, AHT Tech discovered that Emers Vietnam was having problems addressing retail consumers' needs in its commercial outlets, inefficient inventory management, lack of traceability of the company’s accounting operations as well as a multi-channel experience for online and offline buyers.


AHT Tech conducted an in-depth analysis to identify Emers Vietnam's challenges and implemented the following Odoo applications: Sales, POS, Inventory, Purchase, Invoicing, and Accounting. They also integrated the Viettel s-Invoice and e-invoice solution, Odoo+Shopify integration, and Odoo POS integration with Delfi hardware. A top-down remodelling of operations was carried out in the following units of projects: Emers Retail, Emers Logistics, Emers Accounting, and Emers E-Commerce.

The "Emers Retail" project was built on Odoo Enterprise 15's upgraded features and offered a variety of solutions for Emers Vietnam: multi-branch management, supply chain management, sales shift management, promotion configuration, membership card issuance and report generating.

Meanwhile, the "Emers Logistics" project has made the employees' life easier as it offered an effective way of inventory management. This project also settled down the company's concern about managing and recording a large volume of goods and products coming in and out of inventory on a daily basis.

Next, the "Emers Accounting" project introduced new integrations and localizations that optimized Emers Vietnam's accounting procedure. Since then, Emers has been able to create report forms adapting to Vietnam's regulations and synchronize invoices from Odoo to Viettel S-invoice.  

And finally, the deployment of the "Odoo - Shopify Integration" project proved to be an effective way to help Emers address a big concern and provide a multi-channel experience for online and offline buyers via customer loyalty programs and unique promotions.


The Odoo system and the integrations have improved Emers Vietnam’s overall business operations.

With a system built for B2C business, Emers minimizes manual operations and has a seamless information system. The result is a dramatic increase in customer experience and productivity in every department. Inventory reporting, invoicing, and financial reporting have all been reduced to half the time they were previously. Meanwhile, the Customer Satisfaction Rate increased by more than 40% compared to before using Odoo.

Employees are satisfied with the new system because it has an intuitive interface. The success of Odoo is a force of encouragement for Emers Vietnam to expand the number of stores in the future.