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Forest Beverage Solution Become Top-Rated Premium Bubble Tea Manufacturer With Odoo

Forest Beverage Solution Become Top-Rated Premium Bubble Tea Manufacturer With Odoo

Forest Beverage Solution Success Story


Forest Beverage Solution, one of Indonesia's budding startups, was founded in 2017. Since its establishment, Forest Beverage has swept Southeast Asia by storm. The industry competition is as intense as the variety of bubble tea beverages, which are developing acceleratedly. However, Forest Beverage Solution overcame market challenges and spent the last three years at the top of Tokopedia's best-seller rankings. The business attributes its success to its high-quality goods, unique taste combinations, 18,500 repeat customers, HORECA (hotels, restaurants, and cafes), and manufacturing and supply chain transformation with Odoo.


Before using Odoo, Forest Beverage Solution used Excel spreadsheets, a neighborhood POS system called Pawoon for sales, and Accurate for accounting tasks. The management team encountered several difficulties after using the systems for a year. The accounting and point-of-sale systems Pawoon and Accurate could not be integrated. Therefore, manually inputting retail sales and invoice data into the accounting system took up most of the accountant's work. The store staff could not adapt critical features because the customer profiles on their POS had a limited number of fields, and their previous inventory could not track inventory data in real time. There were no custom access rights functions, which raised concerns about company data security. Following this study, the team restarted all its activities using a single integrated system and tested several regional and global ERP solutions.


The leadership of Forest Beverage Solution received suggestions from members of a local SME community to explore Odoo. After that, they started a demo and realized that it provided module-by-module with flexible customizations. It was the first time to use ERP, but they were especially pleased with the intuitive interface and step-by-step guidance of the Odoo functional consultant.

Forest Beverage Solution now uses a complete suite of Odoo apps, including CRM, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Quality, POS, Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, and Studio, to manage business operations.


Utilizing Odoo's integrated manufacturing and maintenance apps, the company's manufacturing processes were clear, organized, and centralized in just one app. Employees of the company's production unit could finally operate work centers and manufacturing lanes using a simple and understandable system. Other in-app features that simplify their work today include labor allocations, equipment logging, and maintenance, current information on new product ingredients (components), assembly line automation, and real-time communication.

As one of the top F&B producers, the Odoo Quality app helps them reach this goal. The manager sets up the quality control points for the staff to register all products under the proper specifications and quality standards.
They use the Odoo Inventory app when receiving raw materials and finished products and keeping track of dispatches to different destinations. Additionally, they use the integrated Odoo Barcode app to track product serial numbers and lots, which 15% improves process efficiency.

After switching to a new accounting system, the Odoo Accounting app is connected with the rest of its apps and processes. He can now retrieve financial data on his own, pay bills on time and precisely, and monitor payments for operations and overdue customer invoices. He may use Odoo's' payment terms' setup to manage hundreds of vendor bills per month, each with a different payment schedule.

The newest E-Faktur integration in the Indonesian localization module is another feature that the business considers to be essential. The Tax Office e-Faktur application can automatically create a CSV file for a single tax invoice or batch of tax invoices.