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Top Video Game Publisher in Vietnam Elevates Business Operations With Odoo ERP

Funtap JSC

Funtap JSC Success Story

About Funtap

Funtap Joint Stock Company (Funtap) is the leading mobile game developer in Vietnam, with over 85 game titles, 42 million users worldwide, and 600+ staff members. 

Since the beginning, Funtap has devoted themselves to providing the community with outstanding entertainment experiences with the goal of becoming one of the most popular and successful tech companies in South East Asia. 

With that in mind, Funtap has extended into many niche markets with content and gameplay that are varied for all smartphone users in response to the current trend of accessible card game products on mobile.

Facing the Big Challenges

Funtap has experienced increasing management and operational hurdles as it gradually grew its employment from severals to over 600 employees and its client base to 40 million members. In the first place, the business always handled data management and internal communications using Excel spreadsheets and emails. The amount of data that needed to be handled increased exponentially, and the management eventually came to the realization that the problem wasn't a lack of human resources, but rather the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of work tools. 

Luckily, they soon found out that an ERP system was a suitable solution for their administration. By using it, they could streamline daily procedures and business operations in order to provide their clients faster and higher-quality services. Funtap made the crucial decision to install Odoo ERP to store all data and streamline all company's processes, from inventory management and approvals to support, after realizing the severity of the situation. They discovered Onnet Consulting, an AHT Tech subsidiary and Odoo’s official partners in Vietnam, to be the most outstanding in terms of experiences, knowledge and dedication.

Ms. Dao Huyen Trang, Funtap operation director said: "Onnet Consulting stood out from the other official Odoo implementation partners in Vietnam. The team's expertise, experience, and commitment have persuaded us. Apart from that, we have examined the projects that Onnet has previously executed and are confident that this is the partner who can support our success."

Extraordinary Results

The management team at Funtap was happy that their collaboration with Onnet Consulting by AHT Tech went smoothly and that they were able to finish the project on schedule and within the budget. After Onnet’s ERP solutions came into play, Funtap quickly noticed the benefits in the administration and operations of the business.

Thanks to the automated features, the Inventory app has significantly increased job efficiency while reducing processing time. With less time needed, IT employees can now manage IT assets like machines, devices, and more. Meanwhile in the past the IT department needed an amount of time up to 2 weeks to inventory all of the company's assets, equipment, and tools. With Odoo ERP, all assets can be swiftly counted and inspected within two days by only 2 IT personnel.

In the past, documentation had to be created and approved by numerous departments to complete the request procedure whenever an employee proposed to pay for or advance expenses. However, all departments can now coordinate approvals with the help of the Approvals app. The sequential requests procedure has a strict SLA and only takes one or two days as opposed to seven to ten days for a paper-based method. The integration of management processes allows for the rapid creation, authorization, and denial of any sort of approval request, including those for trips, purchases of stationery, payments, and other types of approvals.

Employees may now receive and manage urgent support requests, procedures, products, services, and other on-app duties more quickly thanks to the Helpdesk app's application to internal business operations


Overall, Funtap's management and operations have been through a great transformation by the ERP implementation delivered by Onnet, which allowed the business to establish a strong foundation and an effective management system.

“We are really happy with the improvements Odoo has given Funtap. We've largely solved our issues in the past. On top of that, we are content with our business partnership, Onnet Consulting by AHT Tech, and we anticipate collaborating on future projects.” - said Ms. Dao Huyen Trang.