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Haji Spices & Flour Mill Boost Productivity with Odoo

Haji Spices & Flour Mill  Boost Productivity with Odoo

Haji Spices & Flour Mill Success Story


Haji Spices opened its flagship store in 1974 and has since established itself as a pioneer in flour sales in the United Arab Emirates. The company is also leading the way in innovative specialized spice manufacturing. The team has established its reputation and trust in the marketplace by offering specialized food grain commodities such as flour, nuts, and traditional authentic spices. Their main priorities are quality, adaptability, and dependability to satisfy the demands of professionals like bakers, chefs, and caterers.


Because of the team's rapid expansion, the company's ERP system could not keep up. It also needed help keeping up with the daily volume of data that was required of it. The group decided that the program had too many modification restrictions and did not fulfill its potential as an ERP.


Haji Spices & Flour Mill decided to start the installation when the team discovered Odoo because of its well-integrated apps, flexibility, and support service, which stood out from the other rivals.


Firstly, with Discuss App, allows the employees to be constantly in touch with each other without even having to switch to any different medium. Therefore, they were more accessible, and communication became faster and more efficient in problem-solving.

Secondly, the Documents & Notes App helped the team to use 60% less paper and no more sticky notes, which made it cost-effective and environment-friendly.

In addition, Sales & Purchase applications seamlessly integrated into Odoo, which significantly contributed to this workflow overhaul. With over 7000 products, Odoo's centralized inventory system made everything a piece of cake and reduced time for searching by 50%.

With Employees & Attendances App, the team now stores all our employee's documents and data everything to access from anywhere with just a click of a button. Therefore, the company saves four hours a week for our HR department.

Due to a lack of computer coding expertise, the team found it challenging to customize templates and reports for the prior ERP. However, the team may adapt Odoo to their particular requirements without writing a single line of code thanks to the studio app.