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Overview is a well-known marker for a successful online booking service that links visitors with lodging options of various kinds. Once on the website, visitors may choose from leading hotel chains, all-inclusive resorts, boutique hotels, and bed & breakfasts, all at some of the most affordable rates accessible.

Challenges is a straightforward option for travelers looking to take advantage of thousands of last-minute offers. personified this concept as Captain Obvious, a humorous persona, to aid in promoting it.

The booking agency intended to use humorous, interactive, character-based content that was developed online.The concept revolved around advertising that could be skipped by users by clicking a button. A little vignette showing the characters in the advertisement practically jumping across the screen played when the button was pushed. wanted to boost brand engagement over earlier non-interactive material with the creative and colorful advertisements.


As previously mentioned, the booking agency wanted to use character-based, made-for-the-web material that was amusing and engaging. and the creative firm CP+B London developed the initial concept and design after learning what could be done with Adobe Advertising Cloud. After that, the business collaborated with Adobe consultancy to build and improve the new experience.

Two parallel, synchronized movies with the same goal were the foundation of the customized experience. By using the skip button, the consumer might choose between videos in accordance with their preferences.

Benefits utilized survey features in Adobe Advertising Cloud after introducing the new experience to evaluate user happiness and the effectiveness of the change. tracked how frequently visitors switched between skipped and unpassed experiences at the same moment. Nearly 20% of all visitors to engaged in interactive experiences switching between experiences.

When comparing customers who were exposed to interactive material to those who received traditional creative, the poll also showed that travelers had an overwhelmingly positive attitude, including an increase in brand awareness and brand consideration indicators.

Furthermore, social media marketers for kept an eye on its social media platforms and saw a lot of gratifying comments. ADWEEK, IAB MIXX accolades, TheDrum, and other industry and marketing groups recognized the business at the same time and gave it accolades and praise for the novel new experience.