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iDeal iDea Transforms with Odoo: A Game-Changing Solution

iDeal iDea Transforms with Odoo: A Game-Changing Solution

iDeal iDea Success Story


iDeal iDea for Medical Equipment Technology Co., based in Saudi Arabia, is a dedicated company that distributes medical equipment and accessories. Their primary goal is to offer their customers optimal solutions at competitive prices, revolutionizing the traditional online purchasing experience and ultimately reducing costs for end customers. They have successfully integrated Odoo, an open-source ERP system, into their operations to achieve this. This implementation has significantly enhanced workflow efficiency and overall business performance.


iDeal iDea recognized the need for assistance in achieving precise management of their inventory and procurement processes. Manual tracking of inventory levels and stock movements across their three warehouses resulted in errors, leading to stockouts or overstocking. Additionally, they encountered challenges in accurately tracking landed costs and automating inventory valuation.
The sales cycle at iDeal iDea operated disjointedly, causing errors, missed deadlines, and lost sales opportunities. They required support in generating quotes, delivering them to clients, converting leads into opportunities, and effectively managing invoicing policies and approvals. Furthermore, they needed help tracking customer pricing levels, resulting in inconsistent pricing for similar products.
Effective tracking of payments, payment deadlines, and outstanding amounts was crucial for iDeal iDea to avoid delayed charges, missed deadlines, and penalties.
iDeal iDea needed a reliable system to accurately track employee time-off allocations and maintain records of accrued leaves based on their joining dates.


With Odoo, iDeal iDea seamlessly automated inventory valuation and efficiently managed their inventory across three warehouses. They utilized product category configurations and the AVCO costing method for automated inventory valuation.
Odoo streamlined iDeal iDea's sales cycle, simplifying quote generation, sending to clients, and lead conversion with the email alias feature. Custom price lists were easily created for customer segments, and invoicing policies aligned with specific products. Odoo's automation capabilities enabled timely email reminders based on specific criteria and utilized standard CRM access rights.
Odoo resolved financial duties challenges for iDeal iDea by implementing the Continental accounting type and automated stock valuation journals. The system facilitated seamless invoice and bill creation through E-Invoicing. Payment terms for vendors and customers were established, supported by multi-currency capabilities and comprehensive bank and cash journal configurations. Clear visibility into payment tracking, deadlines, and outstanding amounts was achieved. Odoo's reporting options catered to partner-level and overall company financials, including P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. Compliance with Saudi localization requirements was ensured through standard accounting features and tax setup.


Utilizing the outstanding features of Odoo, iDeal iDea successfully streamlined inventory and procurement processes, optimized their sales cycle and invoicing, efficiently managed financial duties, and effectively handled HR and payroll functions. By leveraging Odoo's integrated and automated system, iDeal iDea overcame the previously faced challenges, enabling them to focus on their core business activities and deliver enhanced services to their customers. Odoo proved to be an excellent choice for iDeal iDea, empowering them to achieve their goal of becoming the leading platform in the Arab world, providing professional and cost-effective solutions to their valued customers.