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iONAH moves up with ERP and Adobe Commerce Solutions

iONAH - A Pioneer in Consumer Electronics Industry

iONAH Success Story


iONAH is known as a pioneering e-commerce platform for the consumer electronics industry in Vietnam. Embracing the B2B2C model, iONAH's mission is to help reduce the amount of time it takes for small and medium merchants to place orders from manufacturers and for end-consumers to purchase directly from suppliers on iONAH platform.


Witnessing the rapid growth of eCommerce in Vietnam, iONAH knowed that in order to maintain its top-notch position, they needed to manage merchants and customers effectively and efficiently; in other words, a streamlined operation and a consistent experience acquired by their customers played a crucial part in running their eCommerce platform. With that in mind, iONAH required an effective and advanced solution to optimize their work, save time and improve the performance. After an extensive search, they ended up partnering with us (Onnet by AHT Tech) to complete their Odoo ERP implementation and Adobe Commerce solution that meet the needs constantly urged.


Understanding the clients’ challenges, in just a few months, AHT Tech entirely  implemented multiple applications and integrated them into iONAH infrastructure, boosting the operational efficiency.

Inventory management

AHT Tech expertly managed iONAH inventory streams, including stock input, stock output and supply chain recording, to get the most efficient stocking method and improve all the internal operations.

Purchase management

Purchase management added by AHT Tech also enabled iONAH to keep track of product availability in stock, check order status and get accurate statistics on performance through flexible reporting.

Sales management

iONAH now has a consistent sales management system that will allow them to invoice customers based on time and materials, easily record contracts and track invoicing phases.

Accounting management

AHT Tech introduced new integrations to optimize the accounting procedures, which include creation of reporting forms and reports, Viettel S-Invoice system and VNPay integrations.

Magento connector and middleware AWS integration

The deployment of Magento Odoo connector and AWS proved to be a seamless way to help iONAH enjoy a wide variety of benefits, from data synchronization to centralized ordering management.


With the help of our experienced Odoo experts, iONAH has now gained a lot of exceptional outcomes.

After the successful implementation, the Odoo management system will become an effective tool for iONAH to provide customers with a prestigious shopping experience.

This cooperation demonstrated the strategic vision and far-reaching goals of iONAH with the desire to affirm a strong position in the Vietnam market.