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MB Securities embarks on a journey with Salesforce CRM Integration

MB Securities - A Premier Brokerage

MB Securities Success Story


MB Securities Joint Stock Company (MBS) is one of Vietnam's first six securities companies. Through time, MBS has grown into one of the premier brokerage houses in the country. 

In two consecutive years, between 2009 and 2010, MBS led the brokerage house on both Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) and HCMC Stock Exchange (HOSE) and continuously ranked among the Top 5 of the market share at both stock exchanges.

Currently, MBS concentrates on developing Securities Services and Investment Banking supported by intensive research.


Bringing about the best customer satisfaction was of paramount importance for the brand to thrive in the market. That was the reason why MB Securities was looking for a holistic approach to take care of customers effectively and efficiently. The objective raised several challenges in operation and management because the interaction between MB Securities and their customers through customer experience journeys was not comprehensively optimized. Those problems later resulted in ineffective consulting and cross-selling as well as a lack of customer engagement through different channels.


AHT took the case of MB Securities, conducted research and decided to come up with a solution by implementing Salesforce Pardot marketing automation and Sales Cloud. In the first place, AHT solved the problem of increasing customer interaction by setting up a holistic view of customers in the Service Cloud. Call centre service promptly consulted a solution for the customer so that the customer could have a better experience with the brand. To automate marketing procedures, Salesforce Pardot was implemented to help MB Securities have more significant insights into customers so that they can effectively personalize the services delivered to them and cross-sell other product packages. After Pardot went live, marketing campaigns and itineraries were personalized to meet the demand of each individual customer, especially providing exclusive offers for loyal members. Also, third-party apps like Outlook, CRM Sales Cloud, Zalo and Facebook messenger were integrated into the management system to drive customer engagement in a more sophisticated way.


By streamlining sales and marketing automation system to leverage the customer experience, MB Securities have positioned themselves as the leading brokeage house in the industry. After the Salesforce CRM came into operation, MB securities witnessed a remarkable growth in Marketing activities: 150% increae in customer interaction with the brand, 270% increase in click-through rate and 46% increase in email open rate.