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Scale Tech Accessories Innovator Mous with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Scale Tech Accessories Innovator Mous with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Mous Success Story


Mous is top-rated with premium products based on a laser to innovate and expand. Founded in 2014, Mous designed a durable but elegant phone case for iPhone. After a record-breaking $2.5 million crowdfunding campaign, Mous launched to market the high-end phone case in 2017. Mous realized that well-designed phone cases were necessary, so they accelerated to elevate customer marketing. Although Sales increased dramatically, the financial system needed to adapt to scale quickly as it added top-notch technology. Mous considered some solutions before and decided to choose Acumatica. The Acumatica ERP provides a flexible, all-in-one business application that seamlessly connects its multiple eCommerce stores and easily scales as the company grows.


Mous sells its supervisor products through web stores, including UK and USA-specific sites and Amazon and eBay. However, the currently siloed systems, which handled manual data to make it work, led to complex management. Mous used Xero, which limited real-time inventory; Shipstation was standalone but did not support a multicurrency environment.

The intricate system lacked data visibility, KPI reporting, accurate Cost of Goods Sold, or transparency into the supply chain. Therefore, it could have been more friendlly and intuitive for audit. In addition, manually transferring data and modifying disparate systems wasted time. All these limitations made the executive teams realize they needed an all-in-one ERP Solution.


Acumatica Distribution Edition with Commerce Connectors and Manufacturing

Mous evaluated various solutions ranging from very small custom ERPs to the most extensive available, including Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle NetSuite, ultimately deciding that Acumatica was the best fit. Acumatica Cloud ERP Distribution Management Edition helps companies manage all supply chain and logistics activities in one place and connects those activities to financial and sales data. It includes warehouse management, inventory management, and order management.For Mous, Acumatica Distribution offered a single-connected application with an open API that allows Mous to easily connect to Shopify sites, its third-party partner, and tax application. It has automated workflows that trigger throughout the customer purchasing journey and easily accommodate multicurrency wherever its customers reside.


After implementing Acumatica, Mous had all of its data in one centralized platform, enabling employees to promptly gain insight into what was happening at the company. With easy access to its data, Mous has improved and streamlined operations. The company has reliable management reports showing COGS accurately, orders, and revenue from third-party websites such as Amazon. They view month-end data just a day later instead of three weeks before.

Acumatica is also exceptionally customizable and provides low-code and no-code capabilities to change the business platform according to the needs of Mous. Mous streamlined how the customer service team processed replacements and automatically accelerated the process to link to the original order. Mous plans to expand new premium tech accessories in the international market, so Acumatica's multicurrency functionality plays a vital role to complete the vision. In addition, Acumatica continually enhances the platform based on customer suggestions and third-party applications. It is a platform built for the future, allowing Mous not to think about moving to a new system.