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Natori Successed in E-Commerce Based on the Power of BigCommerce

Natori Succeed With E-Commerce Based on the Power of BigCommerce

Natori Success Story


Founded in 1977, Natori started with lingerie products. After over 40 years, Natori proved its position in 25 countries in high-end boutiques and department stores. Natoria has developed from selling lingerie to fashion-forward apparel and accessories to dress up today.
In 2007, under the operation of Josia's son, Ken Natori, the company accessed the consumer directly through e-commerce.


Until 2008, Natori was just active as a purely wholesale business with a loyalty of 100%. However, they realized that belief decreased due to some reasons. It had become increasingly common for people to shop multiple stores instead of one. At the time, they need a way to position their products.
Updating the revolution of the Internet, customers moved to shop online. The leadership thought they needed to explore how it would get your online presence with e-commerce. After that, Natori launched its first e-commerce website on InsiteCommerce.


After eight years on InsiteCommerce, Natori wanted to run its online business on a platform with more out-of-the-box capabilities and the opportunity to scale at will. Demandware, Magento, and Shopify Plus were all examined, but BigCommerce was chosen, and the company started on the platform in 2016. Natori continues to use BigCommerce for various reasons, including ease of use, advanced merchandising options, and a streamlined navigation and filtering experience.
Plug-and-play apps are a crucial aspect of Natori's e-commerce success, allowing the company to be scalable and flexible. To keep connected and in touch with its clients, Natori employs several BigCommerce apps that have been thoroughly tested.
Then there's ShoppingGives, which allows buyers to choose a charity to whom Natori will donate a percentage of their purchase. ShoppingGives and Klaviyo make it easier for customers to feel closer to our products and those behind them.
Natori's performance across channels, from wholesale and online commerce to marketplaces like Amazon and Google Shopping, contributes significantly to the company's and its customers' connected experiences.
Utilizing BigCommerce's open APIs, Natori connects with partners and solutions to fit almost. In addition, Natori's success in expanding omnichannel makes the platform a significant asset.


Although Natori's online performance overgrows with impressive numbers like a 141% increase in customers, a 164% increase in orders, and a 163% increase in revenue, BigCommerce could handle the increased volume of shoppers and transactions without falling over.
Natori offers 1,500 active goods and 10,000 active SKUs at any given time. BigCommerce allows the company to manage its vast catalog on the back end while allowing customers to search and apply filters on the front end to discover exactly what they are searching for.