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Odoo, the ultimate solution for Sieu Viet Group

Odoo ERP, the ultimate solution for Sieu Viet Group

Sieu Viet Group Success Story


Established in 2004, Sieu Viet Manpower Joint Stock Company (Sieu Viet Group), formerly Quick Job Search Joint Stock Company, conducts business in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi and acts as the recruiting partner for over 700,000 companies. As a leading provider of human resources services, the Company receives more than 10 million resumes and 50 million visitors each day through the four job-search websites,,, and 


As one of the top service providers in the nation, Sieu Viet Group was aware that it needed a better resource planning tool for internal use. 

Collaboration across departments was a significant challenge the Group was confronting. The teams developed their own schedules to oversee their progress across several platforms. Although they have the freedom to create their own workflows, the parallel timetables make it nearly hard for them to coordinate with other teams as the business grows. In addition, the managers found it difficult to manage the performance of their team members and receive updates from the teams. 

Managing the four main Vietnamese job sites and a database that was rapidly expanding made bookkeeping far more difficult than it needed to be. Sieu Viet Group was spending extra time on administrative activities like administering all of the service packages on the many types of recruitment websites and monitoring user behavior since the accounting software it was using was old and incompatible with other systems. 


The group thought it was time to deal with these problems, therefore they contacted AHT Tech to adopt Odoo completely integrated. Before going live, the AHT Tech team implemented the Odoo CRM, Sales, Accounting, Studio, Approvals, and Inventory modules specifically for Sieu Viet Group over the course of three months. 

The client is pleased with the installation that adds real-time automation to Odoo. Since then, manual tasks have decreased by 60% while employee productivity has increased by 40%. 

Inter-team communications are as simple to conduct thanks to the integration of several modules as breathing. CRM, a module that automatically creates profiles for individuals who are new to Sieu Viet Group's contact list, has made account management considerably easier. The implementation also frees up the marketing and operation units' time spent on warehouse management because they can now keep an eye on all of the supplies, equipment, and promotional materials' ordering and shipping processes in real time using the Approval and Sales modules. The Board of Directors can then use this information to make quick business decisions. 

The Group is equally amazed by the Accounting app customized with the Studio module during bookkeeping. The in-house accounting are now able to generate up to 200 VAT invoices at once thanks to AHT Tech's integration with VNPT-Invoice, and the sales staff can upload the invoices to the database using our Sales app. Additionally, the localized module enables AHT Tech's client to produce reports in accordance with local laws and regulations, especially Circular 200 of the Vietnam Accounting Standards (VAS). With just a few clicks on Odoo, previously created and executed reports and actions are now automatically generated. 


"Sieu Viet Group aspires to lead the digital revolution in the recruitment industry. We are willing to take the risk of short-term revenue losses for an advanced system with higher efficiency and optimized resources that benefits our team, clients, and service users in the long run." — Ong Xuan Minh, CEO of Sieu Viet Group​ ​