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How QoQa Boost High-Speed eCommerce with Odoo

How QoQa Boost High-Speed eCommerce with Odoo

QoQa Success Story


Founded in 2005 by Pascal Meyer in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, QoQa is a community-based e-commerce company with a unique concept of offering a daily product at a discounted price. With an impressive annual turnover surpassing 137 million, QoQa boasts a thriving community of approximately 700,000 members known as "QoQasiens," a number that continues to grow. QoQa has expanded its reach by integrating new sites such as Qwine, Qsport, Qooking, Qids, Qlock, Qwinegrandcru, and Qbeer.

Driven by a fast-paced environment, QoQa recognized the importance of a seamless and intuitive all-in-one ERP system to efficiently manage their after-sales service, sales, purchasing, accounting, and logistics. With the implementation of a comprehensive ERP solution, QoQa underwent a transformative journey, revolutionizing their business operations and unlocking new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.


Before the implementation of Odoo, QoQa utilized the Microsoft Office Suite, with Excel as their primary tool. Excel Sheets were extensively utilized across all departments, including Inventory Management. The customer support team utilized an external tool called OTRS to streamline their operations effectively.

QoQa's decision to switch to an ERP system stemmed from the imperative need to establish robust interdepartmental connectivity. With information dispersed among multiple solutions, sustaining efficient operations became a challenge. Centralizing information became essential, necessitating this investment to support the company's growth trajectory.

Furthermore, QoQa aimed to structure their operational needs and enhance overall efficiency. They sought an ERP solution to effectively manage crucial aspects such as after-sales service, sales, purchasing, accounting, and logistics. To ensure the successful implementation of the ERP system and secure the best management software system, QoQa initiated a call for tenders in 2013, aiming to find an ideal implementation partner.


After an extensive search, QoQa made the decision to partner with Odoo's trusted collaborator, Camptocamp. Rather than offering QoQa a pre-determined solution, Camptocamp emphasized the importance of understanding QoQa's operations and designing a solution tailored to their specific needs. They recognized the significance of incorporating internal information into the offer, rather than providing a generic estimate.

Once chosen, Camptocamp embarked on the implementation phase by closely observing QoQa's various business processes for a week. This allowed them to gain valuable insights into QoQa's workflows and identify their specific business requirements. Based on these observations, Camptocamp developed a prototype Odoo solution.

The project commenced in 2013 using Odoo version 7, which was then known as OpenERP. The implementation involved incorporating several Odoo modules, including Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Helpdesk, HR, and Connector, to streamline QoQa's operations.


QoQa has greatly benefited from the seamless synchronization of Odoo apps, resulting in significant time savings. The implementation of automation has propelled QoQa to a higher level in terms of customer service quality, while standardized workflows have facilitated the swift integration of new employees across various departments.

The integration of QoQa's e-commerce platform with Odoo through a dedicated connector has transformed the way tasks are handled. Tasks that were previously reliant on manual intervention from QoQa staff can now be efficiently completed by customers themselves. This integration has empowered customers and streamlined internal processes.

In 2018, QoQa achieved an impressive turnover of 90 million, and they attribute a large part of this success to their ERP system and the utilization of outsourced IT infrastructure.

QoQa places immense value on Odoo for its user-friendly interface and ease of adoption. One particular feature highly appreciated by QoQa employees is the centralized storage of internal notes and customer communication. Previously, this valuable information was scattered across multiple platforms, resulting in time-consuming searches. The consolidation of all information and communication in a single, accessible location enables employees to quickly familiarize themselves with relevant details, ultimately saving significant time and effort.