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Tien Phong Plastic Gains Robust, Seamless Integration with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Tien Phong Plastic Gains Robust, Seamless Integration with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Tien Phong Plastic Success Story


Tien Phong Plastic is a leading manufacturer of plastic pipes and fittings in Vietnam, with a southern affiliate produces goods in the Binh Duong province and has a sales office in Ho Chi Minh City. Tien Phong Plastic South, a member of Tien Phong Plastic Group, is one of Vietnam's leading plastic pipes and fittings manufacturers. The company ran on local accounting software that consisted of two separate modules, one for sales and another for accounting. Tien Phong Plastic South implemented Acumatica Cloud ERP and gained a single connected system that boosted teamwork and collaboration.


Previously, Tien Phong Plastic relied on a legacy system that provided separate sales and accounting modules, causing problems with data consolidation at the end of each month. The system needed manufacturing functionality, and only a few authorized users could access it, resulting in limited collaboration and teamwork. Additionally, the legacy system's reporting could have been more real-time, and processes depended on a single person with access to the system, which was only available at the company's offices.

To overcome these limitations, Tien Phong Plastic's executive team decided to modernize its ERP. Acumatica Cloud ERP was chosen as the new system, enabling better communication, collaboration, and real-time reporting.


The adaptability of customizable functions is crucial for promptly adjusting to changes in the executive team. Tien Phong explored several major solutions, such as SAP and Oracle, but found they needed more flexibility.Acumatica also stands out because it only demands an in-house expert to maintain the system. Specific tasks can be outsourced to service providers, freeing up her team to concentrate on meeting the company's needs rather than continuously managing servers and software licenses.

Additionally, Tien Phong Plastic opted for Acumatica because it provides remote accessibility.


Tien Phong Plastic is now running Acumatica fully within several months. All company information is stored in an all-in-one platform, which eliminates the need to reconcile data between systems as they did previously. Tien Phonmg continues to configure the system with a desire for the best-fit Acumatica for the company's business processes.

‍With the implementation of the Acumatica platform, all employees now have access to a comprehensive view of the entire business workflow, from quote to invoicing to manufacturing to shipping and receiving.

As a result, teamwork and collaboration among employees have significantly improved.Tien Phong Plastic intends to incorporate additional Acumatica modules, including CRM and other applications that enable remote completion of some of its processes, following the fine-tuning of Acumatica Cloud ERP.