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TRIMEDX Equips Hospitals Optimized Management with Liferay

TRIMEDX Equips Hospitals Optimized Management with Liferay

TRIMEDX Equips Hospitals Success Story


TRIMEDX, a top-tier clinical asset management firm, assists healthcare providers in converting their clinical assets into strategic tools. This drives down operational costs, optimizes clinical asset capital expenditure, maximizes resources for patient care, and ensures enhanced safety and protection.


TRIMEDX has relied on a platform-based client portal to provide healthcare providers with in-depth knowledge about their clinical assets. These assets could include a broad spectrum of equipment, from hospital beds to infusion pumps and MRI machines.
However, they realized that the company must alter to a better solution to scale, stability, and in-house involvement.


After comprehensively assessing available alternatives, TRIMEDX selected Liferay DXP as their new client portal platform. The Liferay Global Services team provided valuable assistance throughout the implementation process, offering necessary resources in a challenging market and accommodating TRIMEDX's expansion of their technical team. The initial rollout was completed within eight months, and complete migration from the previous platform was achieved in an additional three months.
Furthermore, TRIMEDX integrated Liferay Commerce into their client portal following a highly impressive and effective demo presented by the Liferay team within a two-week timeframe.


By leveraging Liferay's out-of-box functions, TRIMEDX decreased the time to market and the need for customizations. Clinical Asset Information (CAI) allows clients to acquire three tasks in an all-in-one platform, including reviewing data analytics information on their assets, searching and posting on the reallocation platform, and managing cyber vulnerabilities.
TRIMEDX has its sights set on the future, with plans to enhance the cyber capabilities of the client portal. This will enable clients to gain even greater insights into their assets.