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How Twiscode Keeps East Indonesia's Best App Developer with Lark

How Twiscode Keeps East Indonesia's Best App Developer with Lark

Twiscode Success Story


Twiscode is an app development company based in Indonesia that specializes in building cutting-edge mobile and web applications. The company's expertise in developing applications that are tailored to their clients' needs has made it one of the leading developers in East Indonesia. Twiscode collaborates with Lark with a desire to boost efficiency and productivity.


As Twiscode's client base expanded, their existing collaboration tech stack, consisting of off-the-shelf solutions, needed to be revised to manage larger teams and growing inefficiencies. The inconvenient solutions decreased productivity and increased costs, making it difficult for the team to keep up with the demand for their services.

Moreover, as a developer-focused environment, Twiscode's team had specific needs that generic collaboration tools could not meet. The team needed a single platform to handle all their communication and collaboration needs, including video conferencing, file sharing, and group announcements.


Lark's comprehensive suite of enterprise collaboration tools provided Twiscode with a unified platform for all collaboration and communications tasks. Messenger, Video Conferencing, Docs, Group Announcements, and Pin benefited Twiscode's developer-focused environment. With Lark's extensive cloud storage, Twiscode could work in the cloud, bringing cost savings, increased efficiency, and team collaboration.
In addition, Twiscode also consolidated vital business tools such as Google Drive and Trello directly into Lark through open-platform design. It is beneficial that Twiscode's employees could simplify their workflow even more and eliminate the need for multiple apps.


Thanks to Lark, Twiscode has experienced a multitude of benefits. The team's productivity has increased significantly, and they can now handle larger teams and projects. An all-in-one platform has also resulted in cost savings, as the group no longer needs to maintain multiple pieces of software.

Utilizing the outstanding features of Lark, Twiscode's employees don't waste more time managing numerous apps. Lark's video conferencing feature has also made it easier for the team to collaborate across different locations, resulting in better inter-office coordination.

Finally, Lark's Pins and Group Announcement features have simplified Twiscode's product release management and kept everyone on the same page. Lark has been essential in Twiscode's rise to the position of East Indonesia's leading app developer.