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Unveiling the Power of Lark: Empowering Desty to Become the Next E-Commerce Giant

Unveiling the Power of Lark: Empowering Desty to Become the Next E-Commerce Giant


Desty is a fast-growing company that specializes in offering solutions so that online merchants, influencers, and creators may establish their online presence. Users may develop their own branded online store with just the click of a button and create landing pages that are optimized for link-in-bios.

Desty Page and Desty Store are the company's two most well-known products. Desty Store is a service that enables users to simply create an e-commerce store as an addition to marketplaces, meanwhile Desty Page is a platform that creates landing pages designed for links in bio at social media accounts.


Before using Lark, Desty used third-party collaboration tools including Whatsapp, Dingtalk, and Slack. The team had to manage numerous applications for simple activities, which resulted in increasing inefficiencies because there was a lack of interaction with other important tools.

Additionally, inter-office coordination between the teams in China and Indonesia was another significant source of suffering for Desty. Particularly Slack was ineffective at facilitating cross-border collaboration, which hindered growth and created unneeded conflict.


Thanks to Lark's extensive suite of business collaboration tools, Desty was able to consolidate all of their collaboration and communication tasks into a single platform.

By working seamlessly across various geographies, Lark has already contributed to eliminating the need for multiple collaboration apps for inter-office communication.

Lark’s open-platform design also helped to consolidate key business tools such as Google Drive, Trello and Google Analytics directly into Lark.

Lark's video conferencing was also a highlight for the team, as Desty had previously relied on a standalone solution.

Lark's user-friendly design also enables team members in Indonesia and China to interact more effectively without the use of VPNs or specialist translation tools.

Advanced Lark tools like Lark Approval also assist the team in automating essential HR procedures.


  • Lark enabled considerably more effective team communication.
  • Lower maintenance costs with a single piece of software.
  • Greater regional team collaboration
  • Employee satisfaction has increased while time has been saved.
  • Integrated video conferencing means that the team never has to leave the Lark ecosystem.