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BigCommerce helps Victoria Health Expand Beauty and Wellness to the Masses

BigCommerce helps Victoria Health Expand Beauty and Wellness to the Masses

Victoria Health Success Story


Victoria Health, the leading online retailer of natural health and beauty products in the United Kingdom, has an impressive range of over 3,500 products on its website.
Victoria Health has been at the forefront of the UK's health and beauty e-commerce scene for over two decades. Their commitment to delivering top-quality beauty and wellness products directly to customers sets them apart.
Victoria Health goes beyond its line of skincare, haircare, and supplements, curating a selection of trusted brands to cater to the diverse beauty and wellness needs of its customers. At the core of Victoria Health's ethos lies a philosophy of education and growth to enhance health, aging, and overall well-being.


Although Victoria Health is superior in the industry, with the first website in-house from its inception, they still face the technology revolution. They had previously used a static site with just four products at the bottom of their home page.
However, Victoria Health always has forward-thinking to update new ways and top-notch technologies to enhance their business operations and customer experience. Fortunately, they realized that BigCommerce dramatically affects the development of e-commerce companies with various benefits.
As with all merchants, Victoria Health confirmed the power of BigCommerce's open SaaS platform to create unique e-commerce experiences. It ensures the safety of online transactions and stability on both the front and back end, with exceptionally scalable possibilities.


After careful consideration, Victoria Health chose BigCommerce as its SaaS e-commerce provider. They believe that BigCommerce provides them with a wide range of features with basic functionality to assist them in selling more and more products. Based on the solid framework BigCommerce provides, Victoria Health can invest time and money in enhancing customer experience.
In addition, Victoria Health develops a website to improve sales and business insights through BigCommerce's capabilities and third-party integrations.
Utilizing Drupal - Content Management Software, Victoria Health can share an amount of information through workflows for content publishing and managing the brand's online membership program.


It is a fact that Victoria Health's content-driven force plays a vital role in communicating with customers periodically through their top-rated newsletter. However, more than just the content is needed to create the brand and sell products. Customers can find several channels on the website to share health knowledge, like Health with Shabir, Trinny, Shabir Live, and Sarah Stacey's Health Notes.
BigCommerce is well-known as an evolving engine for Victoria Health. It helps them manage the content and process and ship high volumes of products without crashing or wasting time to deliver.
As a result, Victoria Health received almost positive responses from customers about their strategic actions. Victoria Health experienced a 9% growth in customers, a 36% increase in its conversion rate, and an 8% increase in orders when leveraging BigCommerce