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Shaping the Future of Healthcare: Lark's Essential Role in Whitecoat's Digital Transformation

Shaping the Future of Healthcare: Lark's Essential Role in Whitecoat's Digital Transformation

Whitecoat Success Story


WhiteCoat is a premier telehealth provider that brings trusted doctors directly to your smartphone. Their comprehensive medical services allow you to conveniently video consult for common ailments and chronic illnesses. WhiteCoat delivers medication to your doorstep and securely accesses your medical history and documents. WhiteCoat desires a consumer-facing platform offering telemedicine and tele-treatment consultations via a user-friendly mobile app


As a young startup operating in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, WhiteCoat faced three distinct challenges that demanded effective solutions:

WhiteCoat recognized the need for a cohesive platform to facilitate seamless communication among its regional teams. The existing mix of disparate apps and programs needed to be clarified and improved operational efficiency.

With a significant Vietnamese division, WhiteCoat encountered a language barrier between its Singapore headquarters and this division. Existing communication platforms lacked convenient translation features, necessitating third-party assistance for effective communication.

WhiteCoat sought a cloud-enabled document solution to enable collaborative work across different offices. The solution needed to support multiple languages, ensuring efficient collaboration on shared documents.


WhiteCoat found in Lark a global platform that offered scalability and competitive pricing, enabling the team to prioritize their mission of enhancing the healthcare experience.

WhiteCoat's regional employees found a centralized hub for collaboration and document sharing in Lark Drive, accessible on desktop and mobile devices. This streamlined their workflow and facilitated efficient teamwork.

Lark's intuitive AI-powered translation engine bridged the language gap between WhiteCoat's teams in Singapore and Vietnam. It improved chat and communication, facilitating better understanding and smoother collaboration.

With Lark's comprehensive approach to cooperation, WhiteCoat no longer required a collection of disconnected programs. Lark's all-in-one platform provided all the necessary tools within a single program, simplifying workflows and eliminating the need for multiple applications.


WhiteCoat experienced significant cost savings by transitioning to Lark, as the platform bundled essential tools like calendars, drive storage, and video conferencing, eliminating the need for separate payments for each device. This consolidation allowed the company to optimize its budget and allocate resources more effectively.

Moreover, Lark's seamless communication capabilities empowered teams to collaborate more effectively, enhancing teamwork and a stronger sense of camaraderie. With features such as messaging, video conferencing, and shared calendars, WhiteCoat's employees found it easier to connect, share ideas, and work together towards shared goals.

The introduction of Lark's mobile app brought about a significant boost in productivity for WhiteCoat's workforce. Employees were able to handle business tasks efficiently, regardless of their location. The flexibility provided by Lark's mobile app empowered the team to stay connected and be productive on the go, contributing to improved efficiency and overall performance.