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Driving Xiaomi's Growth: How Lark's Unified Tool Facilitated Expansion to 40+ Countries

Driving Xiaomi's Growth: How Lark's Unified Tool Facilitated Expansion to 40+ Countries

Xiaomi Success Story


Xiaomi, a renowned global player in the consumer IoT industry and the world's second-largest smartphone manufacturer operates in over 100 countries and regions. As a dynamic company offering a wide range of products and services, including consumer electronics, software, and household items, Xiaomi needed a comprehensive platform to address its unique challenges. After a thorough evaluation, Xiaomi identified Lark as the optimal solution to propel them into the future, enabling seamless operations and maximizing efficiency across their diverse portfolio.


Xiaomi faced a significant challenge in achieving effective workplace collaboration across global teams. Previously, employees relied on personal chat software, which mandated adding colleagues as friends before initiating communication. This approach created hurdles for employees to connect with colleagues from different departments, resulting in fragmented conversations scattered across multiple chat groups.

When Xiaomi stored information separately on individual employees' computers, it became difficult for them to locate documents, track revisions, share them with the appropriate permission levels, or send them out on time. It is a fact that meetings play a vital role in business development. Xiaomi faced challenges in organizing its meetings. Despite incurring overhead costs, many of these meetings lacked meaningful feedback or input from attendees, making them ineffective.


To ensure seamless integration and collaboration across its various business units, Xiaomi recognized the necessity of a unified workplace solution that fosters efficient information exchange, streamlined workflows, and easy access to knowledge. In pursuit of this goal, Xiaomi turned to Lark as the solution to enhance productivity.

Leveraging Lark Calendar, Xiaomi facilitated seamless coordination and communication among its local team despite time zone differences.

However, scheduling synchronous meetings becomes challenging due to the limited overlap in working hours across regions. Xiaomi has embraced an innovative solution: asynchronous discussions to overcome this hurdle. Instead of trying to find typical meeting times across different time zones, team leads now utilize Lark Docs to share project information, enabling all stakeholders to collaborate on the same document at their own pace. This approach empowers team members to work flexibly and eliminates the need for scheduling meetings that accommodate various time zones.


Lark empowers Xiaomi to establish a hybrid work environment, facilitating efficient employee contribution and communication across locations. By adopting a single tool aligned with Xiaomi's business strategy, productivity, and innovation thrive within the organization. Xiaomi was attracted to Lark for its comprehensive tool integration, user-friendly interface, and commitment to effective collaboration.

Xiaomi benefits from Lark's contact feature, enabling users to connect with relevant stakeholders and organize conversations in threads effortlessly. Lark Docs streamline communication and enhance productivity for Xiaomi's team. As cloud-based documents, Lark Docs ensure the latest version is accessible and searchable across all devices. The comment function enables swift information exchange and real-time follow-up, with notifications sent directly to the chat.

Through Lark, Xiaomi significantly improves knowledge management and achieves better business outcomes by streamlining communication with a single tool. Lark's profound impact empowers the team to manage information efficiently and drive success.