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With the development journey over the past decade, AHT Tech - a global premium group has focused on Digital Commerce and Experience to assist clients in reimagining their businesses in this digital era. Through human-centric innovation, our software engineering heritage, combined with digital transformation strategy consulting, design thinking, disruptive IT lifecycle solutions as well as omnichannel CX solutions, offers real business value to our clients. We diligently work towards providing personalized solutions to help their businesses reach their peak digital performance. As a true technology partner, we are committed to investing in your success by delivering seamless experiences through technological expertise.

15+ years on the market

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A great solution to capture all the most advanced technology


Strategic roadmap with mission, vision and core value



Our core mission is to be a trusted companion, delivering exceptional value and remarkable experiences that contribute positively to society, while upholding a commitment to excellence through our comprehensive services.



Our vision is to become a trusted global leading IT company, leverage the power of digital technologies and innovation to elevate customer experiences, and promote sustainable development for a better future.


Brand Promise

We commit to accompany our customers on their journey towards digital transformation, elevating their businesses and creating exceptional customer experiences.

creating the future
of digital transformation

With 15+ years of experience, we have an extensive customer base, up to thousands, along with 10,000+ projects around the world, and language borders are non-existent for us.

Award-Wining Services
Always putting quality first helps us receive high ratings and impressive reviews and win numerous prestigious awards voted by leading industry experts and users.
Continuous Improvement
With the continuous development of technology, we continuously improve our services and products to meet the rapidly changing needs of customers.
Dedication & Trust
We always put our dedication and wholeheartedness into building trust and loyalty with customers from all over the world thanks to the great things we bring to them.
We have always focused on the customer, never abandoned them, and are always ready to meet all their requirements, even the most difficult ones.
Mutual Long-term Relationship
To give customers the most convenient and accurate methods, we build long-term mutual relationships based on openness and absolute trust.

our ecosystem



Martin Nguyen

Chairman & CEO


Steve Le

CTO & Deputy Director


Andrew Quach

Director of Consulting


Jessie Nguyen

Director of Business Development


Tony Bui

Deputy Director


Justin Nguyen

Deputy Director


Phuong Do Minh



Emily Nguyen

Account Director

Kamihito Takeuchi

CEO of AHT Japan


Andy Pham

Director of AHT USA

Han Seung-chul - HAN승철(S.C.)

CEO of AHT Korea

Hoa Nguyen

Director of AHT AU

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