Welcome to ArrowHiTech and achieve business success!

Our vision and mission

  • Our vision: Symbolized by an arrow, AHT persistently keeps its head up and move straightly to the present and future of the world’s innovative technologies.
  •  Our mission: Bring the AHT “arrow” to a new height and farther distance. Establish AHT sovereignty and enrich human value. Make AHT grow equally to world-class software development corporations globally.

Our philosophy and motto

  • Which factor constitutes internal power of a company? We believe it is solidarity. And at AHT, we build the atmosphere of a cozy and connected FAMILY for all the members so they can call it their second HOME. Working under one roof of the family, we develop the interaction, mutual support between the individuals and nurture their respect and pride for the company.
  • Which determines the success of an outsourcing company? Definitely it is the relationship with your customer. Therefore, we always pay our utmost attention to build the friendly and borderless relationship with our customers so they will become our best partner and friend finally.













Our history and breakthrough

Feb 2019: Head quarter in Hanoi spread its office space to accomodate 200 employees

Mar 2019: Big congrats to a new ArrowHiTech’s branch office opening in California, the US

Welcome our first company in Singapore, a strategic step to make ArrowHiTech a globalized brandname

In September the same year, ArrowHiTech’s 2nd international branch was inaugurated in Stockholm, Sweden

Head office in Hanoi was planning to broaden out the current office space

Oct, 2017: Head quarter moved its office to a modern and well-equipped building to accomodate 90+ employees

Thai Nguyen Branch office doubled its number of employees compared to that of 2014

Phu Tho office increased its workers to 30+


Head quarter’s employees increased up to 70

Thai Nguyen Branch was employing 20+ workers

Phu Tho Branch staffed its members to 18

Aug, 2013: Second brand office was setup in Viet Tri City, Phu Tho province initially with 9 employees
Oct, 2013:
1. Hanoi office changed its location to afford 50+ staff members
2. Thai Nguyen Branch office was staffed with 15 employees
3. Phu Tho Branch office was home for more than 12 staff members

Oct, 2012: Head office moved to a new building, with over 30+ staff members

And 15+ other developers were working in Thai Nguyen office

The Board of Directors aimed at opening another subsidiary branch to increase the competive advantages

1. Moved Head office to a bigger building for 25+ staff members
2. Established first branch office in Thai Nguyen city recruiting 12 more members with cores from existing Thai Nguyen Team


Oct, 2008: Head office in Hanoi moved to a bigger space accomodating 20+ employees

Mar, 2008: Thai Nguyen group held a training course for junior/ senior students from Thai Nguyen University, Faculty of Technology

June, 2007: ArrowHiTech Jsc was established with 6 staff members

Oct, 2007: Setup a Team in Thai Nguyen City with 5 employees