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eCommerce Consulting

Apply the right and newest technology to your particular business environment and use the value from your data and analytics


In the world of ecommerce, there are several strategies, platforms, and channels, so choosing where to concentrate your efforts is not always simple. For this reason, it's important to always start by asking yourself what you want to achieve. The next step is to begin developing a potent ecommerce strategy based on those aims. A strategy is not the same as a plan and vice versa. Your strategy may not change, but your plan very well may.

At AHT Tech, we have 15+ years of experience in developing successful ecommerce strategies. We assist our clients in developing roadmaps for achieving their business objectives as well as clarity and alignment around those goals.

An e-commerce strategy outlines your company's goals and objectives, as well as a schedule for achieving them and a path you'll take to get there.Compared to a plan, a strategy is more high-level. Your e-commerce strategy is mainly concerned with the goals you have in mind, whereas the plan details the specific strategies you'll take to get there.


Because without a plan, there is nothing to keep everyone moving in the same direction. Moreover, there is no way to tell when you've gotten off track or need to regroup.

Staking out a clear path and ensuring that everyone in the company is aware of it and following it is more crucial than ever in the dynamic ecommerce landscape of today. If not, separate teams end up performing "random acts of marketing," without benchmarks or follow-up.

To avoid this, we work with our clients to identify their goals in great detail before making plans for how to get there. We can assist you in setting the appropriate goals and KPIs at the proper moment because we have extensive experience working with a large number of ecommerce merchants. Our methodology is distinctive because it combines a high-level strategic vision with the practical skills needed to carry out the objectives and achieve the desired results.

At AHT, we are experienced experts who bring to the table defined techniques and CX best practices. There are some cases where you should use your creativity, and there are others where tried-and-true methods will produce the best results. We can advise you on where to innovate and where to stick to the advice we've gathered from the industry over the years.

Our experts collaborate closely with customers to get a thorough grasp of their operations, products, and target markets. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that you give your customers the greatest experience possible in both real and digital environments..


Goal Setting

Sometimes we work with our clients to identify their goals; other times, they already know them. Setting SMART objectives—Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound—is crucial.

Setting KPIs

It is essential for you to define your Key Performance Indicators so that you can track your development. Understanding your KPIs is essential since only then will you be able to decide how to best move the needle.

Assignments & Projects

Here, we assist our clients in locating gaps and chances to begin moving forward and generating sales. In this case, we analyze important aspects of the business, people, processes, and website experience using tools like our Digital Maturity Assessment and the Customer Experience Rating.

Thematic High-level Plan

It's time to develop a high-level thematic plan once we are aware of which tasks should take precedence. When it comes time to begin implementing, having a thorough monthly review of the major initiatives and investments is beneficial.

Visual Time-Based Roadmap

A clear road map will make it easier to see your destination and how to get there without getting lost. Without being constrained by spreadsheets, it helps you to efficiently and visually express your plans.

It may seem like an enormous task to define the needs and digital strategy of your e-commerce business. The majority of e-commerce project teams are too busy completing a long backlog of tasks throughout the day to constantly take the time to consider the big picture.The issue with this is that teams often become stuck in "busy work" without having a clear understanding of which digital initiatives will eventually result in business success. Numerous instances of businesses that set and adhere to a digital roadmap and achieve their objectives are available. However, we've also observed businesses that aren't focused on what success in digital commerce means for them, and as a result, they consistently lag or fail.Working together to develop a successful e-commerce strategy with our experienced experts will give you a significant advantage. Your team will always have a resource to lean on when working with us for both tactical execution and strategic counsel.

By putting our customers at the heart of all we do, we assist our clients in becoming truly customer-centric businesses.

AHT Tech has a wealth of expertise working with many types of ecommerce businesses, so we never encounter brand-new issues. Instead, we will always be able to provide you with the best possible examples of how to approach any given problem, both strategically and in your day-to-day operations. We'll have solutions, whether you need to talk about pricing tactics, how to take advantage of the holiday seasons, or how to integrate your technology more effectively.

We've assisted small e-commerce companies to expand into big businesses and helped companies increase and preserve their market share. With us, you have a strategic partner that will work with you to achieve your objectives and expand your e-commerce company.

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