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Acumatica CRM Software: Streamline Your Customer Relationship Management Efforts

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has become necessary for enterprises that must exploit customers to maximize Customer Lifecycle Value. It helps companies manage their interactions with customers and streamline their sales processes, helping businesses communicate with customers systematically and efficiently based on collecting customer information such as contacts, needs, accounts, etc., and helping to serve customers better. This blog post will discuss Acumatica CRM software, a robust CRM solution that can help businesses improve their sales and increase the quality of their customer service.

What is Acumatica CRM?

Acumatica  CRM software is customer relationship management software provided by Acumatica, an American-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) software company. This software offers sales, marketing, and customer service tools to attract leads, track opportunities, manage campaigns, and provide customer support to track conversions from sales to successful sales, have data to drive cross selling and upselling, and exploit CLV to the maximum. Acumatica CRM provides essential features for customer relationship management, such as contact management, lead and opportunity tracking, sales forecasting, marketing automation, and customer service management. It is integrated with other modules for more of a customer portrait, such as financial management, inventory management, and project accounting, to provide a complete view of customer interactions and transactions.

Acumatica ERP is cloud-based, which means that it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and is customizable to fit the specific needs of each business.‍

Key Features of Acumatica CRM Software

Acumatica CRM offers a range of key features designed to help businesses streamline their customer relationship management processes from the first touchpoint with the customer when converting into a successful sales opportunity. Here are some key features of Acumatica CRM:

1. Contact management

Acumatica CRM gives businesses a central place to manage all their contacts, including cold, warm, and hot leads. The contact management feature allows companies to view and track detailed information about their customer's profiles, sales reps, notes, and interactions with their contacts, manage tasks and appointments, and store essential documents related to communications, interaction, and transaction history (if applicable).

2. Lead and opportunity tracking

With Acumatica CRM, businesses can track, evaluate, and measure leads and opportunities through sales. Lead tracking allows companies to capture and assess sales opportunities, prioritize, track lead status, and monitor lead sources. Opportunity tracking will enable businesses to track the progress of deals and forecast sales revenue more closely to reality.

3. Sales forecasting

Acumatica CRM provides businesses with the tools they need to forecast sales performance based on data analysis of business opportunities – something, not many other CRM software is available. Sales forecasting allows businesses to create and manage sales forecasts, track actual results against forecast results, and adjust forecasts as needed. This feature helps you make informed decisions about resource allocation.

4. Marketing automation

Acumatica CRM provides businesses with tools to manage marketing campaigns, including email marketing, lead scoring, lead nurturing, and campaign tracking. Marketing automation allows businesses to create and manage campaigns, track results, and automate lead-nurturing activities. Acumatica can also integrate with HubSpot to deliver a full suite of marketing automation solutions.

5. Customer service management

Acumatica CRM provides a customer service management module that allows businesses to manage information, customer needs, track customer requests, and track customer satisfaction with products and services proposed and provided to customers. Customer service management allows companies to offer high-quality customer support and resolve issues quickly.

6. Integration with other Acumatica modules

Acumatica CRM can integrate with different modules in the  Acumatica ERP system, including financial management, inventory management, project planning, retail e-commerce, and payroll.

This consolidation allows businesses to streamline and manage their entire sales and marketing operations from a single platform.

7. Customization options

Acumatica CRM is highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor their software to meet their needs, especially with companies in e-commerce retail, distribution, construction, manufacturing, and professional services.

With many features and customization options, Acumatica CRM software is valuable for mid-sized and large businesses looking to automate and enhance their customer relationship management processes.‍

Benefits of Acumatica CRM Software

Acumatica CRM offers several business benefits, including.

1. Improved Customer Experience

This CRM platform provides businesses with a holistic view of each of their customers. From there, this tool helps you provide services with a personalized experience for each customer in real-time, not just personalization.

Acumatica CRM helps companies collect real-time customer data by tracking customer interactions, identifying customer needs, and developing targeted marketing campaigns to improve the overall customer experience.

2. Enhanced Collaboration

Acumatica CRM provides a centralized platform for businesses to collaborate and communicate across teams, departments, and locations anywhere and anytime, with no barriers to time or place. This collaboration can help increase productivity, reduce duplication of effort, and improve communication among team members, even with organizations with complex organizational structures.

When you use Acumatica CRM's mobile apps, you can access important information on the go and improve collaboration for better coordination; information in your business runs as smoothly as blood in a body. With clear communication, according to research by AC Nielsen, profits can increase by up to 20% compared to expected.‍

3. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Acumatica CRM can help businesses automate repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more strategic activities. This platform provides real-time data visibility, which can help enterprises to make informed decisions quickly. 

Real-time data also helps reduce data entry and improve data accuracy, leading to increased productivity and reduced costs.

4. Real-Time Data Visibility

In today's business context, when communication is increasingly easy to implement and almost overloaded with users, businesses care about not only the simple customer experience but also the real-time customer experience. Because of the change in perception, customers' emotions change over time. Tracking customer interactions in real-time helps businesses provide products and services at the right moment when customers make purchasing decisions, increasing sales opportunities, and thereby increasing the number of successful transactions with customers.

5. Cost Savings

Unlike other applications, with the advantage of operating in the cloud, Acumatica CRM software helps your business not pay for expensive hardware and software, reducing upfront costs. Furthermore, Acumatica's subscription-based pricing model allows companies to pay only for the modules you need, making it worth every penny.

How to Integrate Acumatica CRM with Other Applications

Acumatica CRM provides powerful APIs that allow seamless integration with other software applications with the two main methods for integrating Acumatica CRM with other applications by using built-in connectors or developing custom integrations.

Pre-built Connectors

Acumatica offers pre-built connectors for popular apps, including Microsoft Office 365, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Shopify. This connection allows businesses to transfer and process data between systems quickly.

Using the built-in connector, AHT Tech will help you install the connector from the Acumatica Marketplace and follow the instructions for setup and configuration.‍

Custom Integrations

Custom integrations may be necessary for businesses that require more advanced integration or need to integrate with apps that don't have built-in connectors. This action requires development expertise and may involve third-party integration platforms or middleware. AHT Tech's team of developers will help you with custom integrations to address your data processing connectivity needs to ensure seamless business operations.

Examples of Applications that can be integrated with Acumatica CRM Software

1. Marketing Automation Tools

AHT Tech can help you integrate specialized marketing automation tools such as HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot with Acumatica CRM to help businesses manage marketing campaigns more efficiently across multiple sales platforms.

By integrating marketing automation tools with Acumatica CRM, companies can track customer interactions, track leads, create targeted campaigns based on customer behavior, and follow the entire consultation and order processing process.‍

2. E-commerce Platforms

For e-commerce retail businesses or businesses that need to build an e-commerce platform in sales management like D2C, e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce can be integrated with Acumatica CRM for order fulfillment.

By combining e-commerce platforms with Acumatica CRM, businesses can automate order creation, inventory tracking, and customer order management on a single platform.‍

3. Accounting Software

Accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage that adhere to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) can be integrated with Acumatica CRM to streamline the accounting process.

By integrating your accounting software with Acumatica CRM, you can automatically transfer sales data, track expenses, manage invoices from a single platform, or check your financial tracking results anytime.

How Can Acumatica CRM Benefit Your Business?

Acumatica CRM can benefit businesses of all sizes and across industries. It can help you:

  1. Streamlined customer interactions: Acumatica CRM provides a centralized platform for businesses to manage all customer interactions, from lead generation to sales and customer support. This enables companies to provide better customer service and improve customer satisfaction.

  1. Increased efficiency: Acumatica CRM automates many manual tasks in managing customer relationships, such as lead tracking and sales forecasting. This reduces the time and effort required to manage customer interactions, allowing businesses to focus on high-value activities.

  1. Improved collaboration: Acumatica CRM provides a platform for teams to collaborate, share information, and coordinate activities. This enables teams to be more productive and efficient, reducing duplication of effort and improving communication.

  1. Real-time insights: Acumatica CRM provides real-time visibility into customer interactions, sales performance, and marketing campaigns. This enables businesses to make informed decisions about where to allocate resources and how to optimize their sales and marketing efforts.

  1. Mobile accessibility: Acumatica CRM is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing users to access their data from anywhere at any time. This enables sales teams to be more productive on the go and allows managers to monitor performance and make decisions on the fly.


Acumatica CRM's range of features, including contact management, lead and opportunity tracking, sales forecasting, marketing automation, customer service management, integration with other modules, and customization options, make it a valuable asset for mid-to-large-sized businesses.

If your long-term business strategy is to improve customer loyalty and run your business with a superior customer experience to increase revenue, consider implementing Acumatica CRM.

At AHT Tech, we specialize in implementing and customizing Acumatica CRM to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you optimize your customer relationship management processes with Acumatica CRM and achieve your business goals.