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AHT Tech Sets New Standards of Innovation and Excellence in Q1 2023

June 9, 2023


AHT Tech

Hanoi, 9th June 2023 — AHT Tech, a leading provider of cutting-edge tech solutions, celebrates a triumphant first quarter of 2023 marked by remarkable growth, innovative collaborations, and industry recognition.

The quarter saw AHT Tech make a noteworthy global impression by participating in and sponsoring 13 major events across four countries. Working closely with industry-leading partners, AHT Tech leveraged these platforms to demonstrate its innovative ERP, E-Commerce, and Digital Workplace solutions to a global audience.

Digital knowledge sharing took center stage as AHT Tech successfully hosted five engaging webinars in collaboration with 11 e-commerce partners. These sessions attracted over 500 B2C & B2B business owners and positioned AHT Tech as a thought leader in the e-commerce industry.

One of the highlights of the quarter was the acquisition of 50 new projects. These partnerships spanned across various sectors, including Aviation, Retail, Manufacturing, and Construction, marking AHT Tech's versatile adaptability and unwavering commitment to leveraging technology for business growth and transformation.

AHT Tech's commitment to quality also earned significant recognition. With 82% of customers leaving excellent reviews, the company's work attitude and service quality garnered widespread appreciation.

In a significant move to expand its global footprint, AHT Tech relocated its Japan office to a central location in Shibuya, Tokyo. Accompanying this transition were two key leadership appointments: CEO Kamihito Takeuchi and COO Nguyễn Quốc Khoa.

Reflecting on Q1 2023, AHT Tech extends its gratitude to its customers, partners, and the team who have been integral to its successes. The company looks forward to driving more innovation and growth in the rest of the year.

About AHT Tech

AHT Tech is a leading technology company offering advanced tech solutions to businesses worldwide. Passionate about driving business growth and transformation, AHT Tech provides innovative ERP, CRM, and Digital Workplace solutions. Its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has helped forge strong relationships with clients and partners globally.