Nothing is impossible with UI/UX design services of Ohio Studio

Draw all eyes to your brand with a complex, captivating design while maintaining a simple UI with our talented designers who have huge knowledge and experience.

What is UI/UX design?

UI design is using typography, images, and other visual design elements to make the user interface as simple and easy as possible. And the better UI is, the better UX is since ​it refers to the entire process of the user’s experience with your products and services. Thus, no matter how complex your product is, the UI should be as simple and straightforward as possible to ensure the best UX that no other website can offer clients but you.​


Customers always put our UI/UX design service as the first choice because of the dedication of our talented designers to every little detail in order to create mesmerizing designs as well as friendly display makes your site always stand out compared to any competitor in the same field. For each UI/ UX design project, our aim is to provide the best services that meet our clients’ expectations.

UI/UX design services at Ohio Studio


Mobile app UX & UI design services

A well-designed & professional user interface can increase your conversion rate by 200%, resulting in boosting revenue is easier than ever. Choose our services to maximize your ROI & give your users the best user experience.


Web design services

Our website design service will make your website completely change with a completely different appearance, more eye-catching, more impressive and always grab customer’s attention.


User Research

User research is an integral part of UX development. Using our powerful and in-depth user research methods will help you identify the right goals and intentions of your users.


Data Visualization

Complex segmented information is transformed into amazingly intuitive dashboards in the hands of our creative and visual designers. Following that, the data will be represented in sophisticated dashboards that are tailored to the specific demands of different user groups.


Cross-platform experiences design services

Along with the diversity & popularity of platforms has led to an increasing demand for Cross-Platform Experience designs as these are where a large number of users regularly interact with products & services. Regardless of any platform, our creative team can take good care so that your business always stands out from the crowd.


Our UI/UX design process at a glance

01.Research and Analysis

  • Research the purpose of the product.
  • Determine the target customers.
  • Dig down into what their expectations are

02.Consultaion and construction

From the results of thorough research and analysis, we will advise on a strategy in accordance with customer requirements.

03.Sketching and Wireframes

Our designers with limitless creativity will sketch to give the client a preview before embarking on the complete design.


Finish the product and deliver it to the customer on time.


  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the products.
  • Changing/ correcting according to customer feedback acceptance.


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